Why Did Nic Leave the Resident (Sep) Know The Reason!

Please read this report to answer your query Why Did Nic Leave the Resident, regarding the exit of Emily VanCamp, one of the main cast members of the series.

Do you love to watch drama television series? Are you a regular viewer of The Resident? Did you see its latest promo revealing some shocking scenes? Are you wondering what would happen next in the show? Then, you have come to the right place.

In today’s news report, we have covered Why Did Nic Leave the Resident, the most anticipated question in the viewers’ minds worldwide, especially in the United States. Please go through this write-up to answer your question regarding the popular character. 

What is The Resident?

The Resident is a drama TV series that commenced on 21 January 2018 and is aired on the Fox network on Tuesdays. The show is inspired by Unaccountable, a book written by Dr. Marty Makary about the loopholes in the hospital industry. The episodes revolve around the staff members of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, depicting their personal lives, roles, and the administrative protocol followed in the medical industry. Why Did Nic Leave the Resident is the latest question viewers are asking, which we will attempt to answer shortly. 

The show is currently broadcasting its fifth season, with two episodes already aired. Each episode in a given series has a name, such as the first episode of Season 1 was Pilot, and the second episode of the fifth season, which was also the seventy-third overall episode, was named No Good Deed.  

Some of the main actors in this series include Matt Czuchry, playing the role of Conrad Hawkins, who is an internist, Emily VanCamp, enacting Nic Nevin, who is Conrad’s wife and a nurse practitioner, etc.

The Shocking Episodes

To get an insight into Why Did Nic Leave the Resident, let us first know about the episodes that led to this query. The second episode of the latest season ended with Conrad at his home, opening the door, to find two police officers. He was expecting Nic to return from a parlor but was shocked to see the cops instead. 

The crew recently released the promo of the third episode named The Long and Winding Road. The video clip shows that Nic is hospitalized due to a terrible car accident, harming her brain. Through the dialogues and emotions portrayed, it seems that Nic would succumb to her injuries.

Why Did Nic Leave the Resident?

Emily VanCamp, an actress from Canada, has not officially declared why she is quitting the show. However, assumptions suggest that she is finding it strenuous to balance first-time motherhood and the shootings. It may also happen that the traveling for work is strenuous for her as the show is shot in Atlanta and she stays in Los Angeles. 


Due to the assumed reasons, Emily VanCamp is exiting the show, resulting in its directors remodeling the plot. Most probably, the third episode of this season will witness Nic’s death. You may want to read more about The Resident and its cast. 

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