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Do you like video games? Did you play Overwatch? Are you also very fond of hero shooters like Mccree? Then you must have been puzzled about Why Did Mccree Change his name! Aren’t you? Overwatch is a video game developed by the United States-based entertainment industry. Suddenly a tweet on Friday shook everyone, which announced the name change of Mccree. It was a developer’s tweet that notified us about the new name and its arrival date. To know how and why this happened, continue reading this article. 

Characteristics of Mccree-

  • Genre- Damage hero
  • Name- Jesse Mccree 
  • New Name- Cole Cassidy
  • Age- 37
  • Nationality- American 
  • Occupation- Bounty Hunter
  • Role- Damage 
  • Weapons- Peacekeeper revolver and fire. 
  • Abilities- Combat roll, flashbang and deadeye. 
  • Affiliation- “Overwatch” 

To resolve your mystery behind the name change, read below-

Why Did Mccree Change? 

Mccree is one of the damage heroes in the Overwatch video game. He is a gang partner who rebels against the belief of injustice. Prepared with his revolver, Mccree takes out victims with deadeye accuracy and jumps out of the problem with his eagle speed.

Unexpectedly, Blizzard Entertainment announced through Twitter a new name of Mccree, which will start appearing on 26th October 2021. But why did all this happen? 

He was named after a real-life Jesse Mccree, who used to be a worker of an organization. After leaving the job, she filed a case of racism and sexual harassment declarations against the company.

When the public asked Why Did Mccree Change, they answered that it was mandatory to amend things to better symbolize what Overwatch exists for and said that the best live up to their values incorporating inclusivity, assets and desire. In addition, they realized that any transition to a well-loved personality would take a period to roll out correctly. And they will share revamps as this work evolves.

Below are the responses of fans after this upheaval-

Reactions and Reviews of Fans-

  • “Renaming Mccree doesn’t carry weight either way for me, although I don’t feel like it’s mandatory. Hurts immersion and appears narcissistic.”
  • “Zarya was shaped after an employee. Why Did Mccree Change? Where do the real world end and this story start? Am I even real? Is Overwatch on Earth?”
  • “It’s a horrible dilemma, but this is a step in the straightway. I can’t wait to see what lore updates you’ve got scheduled for our favourite cowboy.”
  • “This name change announcement was not mandatory at all. They have other stuff which they need to fix.”


Jesse Mccree is to be renamed, but not all enthusiasts are cheerful. Some of them delicately took this and started calling him a ‘cowboy’ long before this name change. But other folks are a little bit disheartened and disputing over this issue and continuously asking, “ Why Did Mccree Change

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