Why Did Max Listen To Running Up That Hill {July} Know!

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What is Running Up That Hill?

Kate Bush’s Running up that Hill is her favourite song of Max. It was released in 1985, a song of the album called “Hounds of Love.” This song was able to dominate the charts in the UK and the USA for a while. Running up that Hill was the long-awaited debut of Stranger Things 4. It became the biggest song in the world. It is still the No. 1 song on the Billboard Global 200. The streams have increased by more than 8,700 per cent globally. Now people have realised Why Did Max From Stranger Things Listen to That Hill.

Why did Max Choose it?

In Max season 4, Max was saved by ‘Running Up That Hill’ created by Kate Bush when she was supposed to be killed by Vecna. Later, people understood the song’s deeper meaning and why it was a favourite to Max. It was an important song for max because Running up that Hill was called “A Deal With God” before Kate Bush changed it. Once Kate Bush said that this song is suitable for exploring understanding as couples often disagree with each other due to emotions. She believed that a deal with God helps the couple to prevent misunderstanding between them.

Why Did Max Listen to Running up That Hill?

While creating the song, Bush wanted to make it deal with the devil. But later, she realised to make it a deal with God. Because she wanted to show the importance of love which has become relevant to Max, Max saw her brother dying in front of her. She probably spent ample time listening to this song while dealing with her depression. The entire family was going through a difficult time. She also broke up with Lucas and stopped meeting the group. Since Max was suffering from a deeply traumatic experience, she could survive listening to “Running Up That Hill.” This is the reason Why Did Max Listen to Running up That Hill?

She felt like she had to deal with that pain throughout the whole time. Max had the worst experience as her family fell apart due to Billy’s death. But the song Running up That Hill supported her during her tough time.


We often have to face an unexpected situation in life that breaks us apart from within. At that time, we need the support of something that may help us to lift and get rid of loneliness and depression. Therefore, whenever we go through any such situation, we should remember Why Did Max Listen to Running up That Hill? To know more, please visit the link.

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