Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself (Jan 2022) Let Us Find Here!

The post talks about Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself and elaborates the reason for the same.

Are you in for some spoilers? Well, while we may not let the dog out of the box and spoil your binge-watch, we can certainly hint you a little about the happenings to look forward to in the Eternals that are streaming nowadays.

The Eternals that are currently streaming in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada has left all Marvel fans ecstatic. The best thing is you can experience it from your home.

Thus, in this article, we bring you an answer to Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself?

What are Eternals?

So, before we move ahead with hinting the spoilers to you, let us acquaint our readers with who are Eternals in real? Eternal is also a consignment of the Marvels, which is supposed to be more powerful when compared to the Avengers. Herein they are set to save the world against the dark.

The Eternals is directed by Chloe Zhao, who also won the academy award. In the coming sections, we will throw light on the fact that Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself?

What Does The Trailer Show?

The trailer begins with Dane Whitman’s character asking why Eternals didn’t interfere when Thanos had snapped half the universe. They reply that they came onto the earth only 7,000 years ago to protect the humans from that of Deviants.

The trailer also shows how the Eternals are more powerful than the avengers and the Galaxy’s Guardians. Thus, now the viewers want to know the reason for Ikaris killing himself. So, we did conduct in-depth research and bring you the answer.

Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself?

As per sources, the film showcases how Sersi and the Eternals discover how they were placed on the Earth by Celestial Arishem. However, they helped fulfil the emergence of a new celestial after Thanos had snapped half of the population.

While other Eternals work to stop the Emergence, Ikaris reveals to have known about Emergence centuries before. Furthermore, during the final battle, Ikaris defeats Sersi but cannot consider their relation.

Coming to Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself is on being driven by guilt. It remains to be seen how he kills himself and whether the Eternals can stop the Emergence from happening.

Another exciting series of Marvel is now available for all fans to watch on the OTT platform. It remains to be seen if it garners a similar fan following like the Avengers.

Final Conclusion

Ikaris, who is shown to be loyal to Arishem throughout the mission and work in opposing the Eternals from stopping the Emergence, kills himself in the end. The reason is considered to be guilt. 

However, Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself and the real reason for the guilt is something you must watch the entire film. Want to know more? Then do read here about why Ikaris killed himself?

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