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In this write up we have talked about the Why Did General Not Air Hospital. And also about its history.

Everyone is aware of the famous show General Hospital. And many would also know about its longest-running soap record. Many peoples also want to know about Why Did General Not Air Hospital. The show is the longest-running show in the United States, and people liked the show’s story. 

The show marked the highest point for other serials in ABC television history. So we are here to research the facts about the General Hospital and why it gets off the air. Read this write-up to know the details about the General Hospital. 

What is General Hospital?

General Hospital is an American daytime television show listed on the Guinness World Record as the longest-running American soap. It has the number of different distributors throughout the show. Although it started in 1968 and went off the air in 2020, people asked Why Did General Not Air Hospital. 

The show created history by ranking the second-longest-running television show in any production. Also, with its high publicity among the audience, when the show is going to off the air,

What is the show about?

The show General Hospital is filled with medical drama, mob wars, love and desire. It involves the Quatermaines and the Spencer families. The story focus on how a person’s life affects by the people around him. His life is getting disturbed by his family members only. The audience finds it interesting and the entertaining show because it lasts for so many years. Also, they wanted to know about Why Did General Not Air HospitalThe longest show in the history of American television.

The General Hospital started debuting in 1963, and it revolves around the loves, lives and death of the people of Port Charles, New York. The ratings of any show are the best indicator of the life of that show. It can be like the higher the rating, the longer the life of the show.

How is the show going off-air?

After the long time of the show, the makers release its fresh and new episodes after lockdown. By this time, the makers think to make an end of the show. They were asking Why Did General Not Air HospitalThe audience was attached to the storyline of the same and wanted to extend more. But after the continued travelling of 58 years, the General Hospital goes off the air. 


After our research, we found that the General Hospital is the longest show in the history of American television. It has covered 58 years of one’s life. The show revolved around love, life, death, drama and other factors. We have talked about General Not Air Hospital in detail. You may read to get more information by clicking on the .

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