Why Did American Pickers Leave Frank Fritz {Aug} Read!

Why Did American Pickers Leave Frank Fritz {Aug} Read! >> This page contains information about a famous cohost leaving television series which had high viewership and profitability.

What people treat as junk, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz take it as an opportunity to make money. But, do you know Frank Fritz will not appear on American Pickers anymore? Do you want to know Why Did American Pickers Leave Frank Fritz? What are the underlying reasons for it?

There are 3.1 million viewers of the show in the United States. The American Pickers had the highest viewership when the show initially started. So, let us see what happened.

What is American Pickers?

American Pickers is a show aired on the History channel since 18th January 2010. The show features a team of three people Danielle Colby, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. Danielle Colby is involved in running the operations of the show. Mike and Fritz travel around the country to find antiques sold as scrap. Learn more about Why Did American Pickers Leave Frank Fritz below.

Who is Frank Fritz:

Frank Fritz is the cohost of American Pickers. Fritz was a fire inspector for 25 years. During that time, he bought a firehouse object for $15 and sold it for $475. With this incident, he understood that he could make a living out of such ignored business idea. So Mike offered him the role as cohost in the show.

Fritz was arrested for driving under the influence. He also confirmed that he had Crohn’s disease for more than 27 years. Fritz was also overweight. He recently suffered a back injury. 

Why Did American Pickers Leave Frank Fritz:

  • Fritz said that he started focusing on his health and lost almost 65 pounds. 
  • He also went to a rehab facility as he was an alcoholic. 
  • He also focused on recovering from a back injury before the pandemic.
  • Fritz, in an interview, said that he needs a break. 
  • He added that he and Mike were not speaking to each other for almost two years. 
  • He believes that editors of the show paid more attention to Mike. 
  • He anticipates that Mike is trying to replace him with Robbie. 
  • Robbie is Mike’s brother and an antiquarian. Did this result in Why Did American Pickers Leave Frank Fritz?
  • After recovering from a back injury and post-pandemic, the information came out that Fritz did not contact the show members.
  • Finally, in late July, the History channel confirmed his departure. 
  • Fritz said that he would like to get back as cohost. But, due to some controversies, rejoining seems difficult.


Fritz may not return to the show as the History channel said that no talks are going on to bring him back. Mike had also conveyed his wishes for Fritz’s future. In the 22nd season, Jersey Jon appeared as a new cast member. We hope this clears the question Why Did American Pickers Leave Frank Fritz? Currently, Fritz is selling antiques at his outlet “Fritz Finds”, located in Savanna.

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