Who Won The Kentucky Derby 2022 Horses? How Many Horses Are There For Race And How Old They Are?

Here we have discussed Who Won The Kentucky Derby 2022 Horses and how Rich Strike created a record upset in the Kentucky Derby’s history.

Do you know, the results of the 148th Kentucky Derby are out now? The tournament is won by Rich Strike with an 80-1 shot. But that is not all, the tournament has been exciting for various reasons, and the results are also exciting. The odds of Rick Strike were longer among all the twenty participating horses. This is the second biggest win in the history of the Kentucky Derby in the United States and Canada. We got to know Who Won The Kentucky Derby 2022 Horses with thisThe winner, who was grossly unexpected to win the tournament, would now become a household name in racing.

The Kentucky Derby 148TH Season

Our intention in this article is to trace the story of the Kentucky Derby before reporting the current season and its winners. It is worth mentioning that Kentucky Derby is organized every year in Louisville in the US. The race is organized on the first Saturday of May every year. The tournament is for Thoroughbreds, and the distance runs for one and a half-mile.

Before seeing How Many Horses Race In The Kentucky Derby, it is to be noted that the tournament started in 1875, and the surface on which it is played is plain dirt. The race is also called The Run for the Roses, as the winner gets dripped in roses. This is the fastest two minutes in sports, and the race has its uniqueness in that it is only for two minutes, but excitement for it starts a week before. If we look at the longest shots to win the Derby, it was in the name of Donerail in 1913, and the second one now is made by Rich Strike in 2022.

Do You Know How Many Horses Are In The Kentucky Derby?

The record created by Rich Strike this year is a milestone in itself. Many people have won the tournament in the past, but the longest shot was scored by Donerail by 91-1, and the second-longest is now scored by 80-1. Eric read the trainer of Rich Strike is also in the news as this is the first win for the duo. The race, after starting, was led by Summer is Tomorrow but later on, displaced by Crown Pride, and it was going on between two and three participants until Rich Strike came out of nowhere and surpassed both. 

If we see, How Old Are The Horses In The Kentucky Derby, the thoroughbreds are of 3 years of age. The track record, among horses, is the best for Zandon, but after the win, Rich Strike is gaining all the appreciation. To know more, see Rich Strike Wins Kentucky Derby in 2022 Massive Upset.  


The three-year-old thoroughbred Rich Strike has won the Kentucky Derby 148th, held in Louisville, Kentucky, US. The winner was unexpected as the track record of Rich Strike had not been very great before winning the tournament. This is the second biggest upset with a margin of 80-1 in the history of the Kentucky Derby. 

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