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In the article Who Started Bronx Drill Rap, We have mentioned all the essential information related to the artist and describes his work and popularity.

Hello, audience; we are discussing here an exciting topic it is related to a well-famed artist. He has uniqueness in his work. He is a multitalented personality.

He got popularity for his extraordinary talent in Canada and the United States. He worked hard and achieved his goal, and his work is a wealth of this artist or celebrity.

In the article, we will describe all the essential information related to the artist and solve the query- Who Started Bronx Drill Rap?

What is Bronx Drill Rap?

Drill Rap is a form of a song sung by the singer in a unique way. Here the Bronx is the place where Hip-Hop and drill rap is raised. The popularity of the Raps, going to increasing day to day among the listener.

A new association has been developed in New York that creates Raps, and now everybody is well aware of this type of music. There are many Rap groups is formed. It’s straightforward to say that rap has got more popularity over the past few years.

Who Started Bronx Drill Rap?

Drill Rap is a unique type of music, and it was initiated by Ron Suno when he was only 13-year old. The Bronx is the place where he established a small home studio and started to record drill rap. His drill rap gained popularity among the listeners.

He promoted drill rap through his comedy on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok and got the online audience’s attention.

A summary of the creator of Drill Rap:

We are talking about a rapper’s life, success journey and will see Who Started Bronx Drill Rap? Bronx Drill Rap was established by Keron Joel Foriest who is recognized by Ron Suno. He is a drill rapper in the USA, comedian, songwriter, and YouTuber.

He is the treasure of various talents. He was born on August 3, 2000, in the Bronx. He started entertaining people when he was 13year old, and he recorded drill rap in a small studio and got the online audience’s attention through various social media platforms.

Later in 2017, he initiated a movement, WeaveChallenge, on the social media platform that helped him a lot, and he gained over half a million Instagram followers within a month.

Musical Journey of the artist, Who Started Bronx Drill Rap:

In 2019, he built up a fan following as a drill rapper by releasing a music video. He got a great chance in October 2019 by releasing a hit song and video Pinnochio. 

In June 2020, he released his first appearance studio album, Swag Like Mike, devoted to entertainment artists like Michael Jorden, Mike Tyson, etc., who motivated his talent.


We bring up all the details related to the artist, which will give readers a clear vision to understand the Journey of the artist. We also put the information that Who Started Bronx Drill Rap in our article. Visit here to know more about Bronx Drill Rap.

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