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Coming across news about one of the wealthiest families of America owing multiple chocolate brands. Get detailed information about Who Owns Twix.

Are you also coming across the news about one of the wealthiest families from the United States? Are you also curious to know about their history, the companies they know, about the family members, and other details? 

Even after owning multiple companies, they have been staying away from the limelight and media. 

In recent years they have been covered up by the media and spoke about many things related to their company. You might want to know Who Owns Twix? Let us discuss it in detail.

What is Twix?

Twix is one of the most popular chocolate brands globally; Twix is a combination of shortbread and caramel chocolate brands made by Mars Inc. the chocolate consists of biscuits, toppings, dry fruits, and different coatings.

There are different bars in one packet in other numbers from one to four. Per bar has 2,000 calories. The bar is famous around the world, but many things are still unknown about chocolate, but the recent reports are stating many new things about the chocolate brand.

Recently news related to chocolate is out Who Owns Twix; this makes curious people who love eating chocolate.

History of mars family?

The Mars family has a history from 1911, and they have been indulging in making candies and chocolates for a long time now. So, the chocolates and confections made by the Mars family have started to gain popularity after a short time.

The husband and wife of the Mars family in 1911 started making chocolate of different flavors. They have a net worth of 89 million dollars annually, making them the country’s third wealthiest family; they have been staying away from the limelight for a long time.

Who Owns Twix – Reviews of people about it 

Twix, snickers, milky bar, protein bar, and many other famous chocolates with delicious flavors and made up with high-quality ingredients are owned by the Mars family of the United States; the family has a history of more than 120 years of making chocolates and other candies.

After coming into the limelight for the past few years, many people give reviews about their company, chocolates. Family members, and every other important aspect. You can check them out on any social media channel and search engine. 

Who Owns Twix is a curious topic making people wonder and be amazed at their great struggle and history. You can read the whole story on any social media platform. Currently, they are owning more than 5-6 chocolate brands and setting a benchmark for the same.

Wrapping up 

As a conclusion for Twix and Mars Family, we can say that they have been involved for years in this business and have reached a prestigious level.

You must be satisfied with the information provided by us; if you still wish to read more about Twix and the Mars family, 

click on this link and get more details. 

Please share your views about Who Owns Twix in the comments. 

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