Who Owns Lynx Airline {Jan} Explore Founder Detail!

Lynx Airline is set to return to domestic travel after being hurdled by Covid-19, so people ask Who Owns Lynx Airline. Read to find out.

Lynx Air has begun its ticket sale even while the world is amid a pandemic. The company has said that they usually focus on leisure travel and pandemics, despite being a hurdle that cannot stop us permanently for the people of Canada. With this, a question comes into being- Who Owns Lynx Airline?

 The airline has started selling the tickets from Wednesday. The company has focused on chances of increasing travel in the months to come. Thus, they are ready to take off their flight from April. 

The Operation of Lynx Airline 

Lynx Airline would start its operations to five Canadian destinations. The towns like Kelowna, Toronto, and Winnipeg will be covered under the first umbrella route. Lynx was founded in 2006 with its earlier name ‘New Air & Tours’. The name was changed to ‘Enerjet’. In November last year, the name was again changed to ‘Lynx Air’. Let us now embark on the question as to Who Owns Lynx Airline

The Lynx Airline is a Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier. This model is based on paying for every service provided, like additional baggage, seat selection etc. The Hubs for Lynx Air is Calgary International Airport and headquarters at Calgary in Alberta. 

Lynx has announced that it will operate on Boeing 737 MAX 8. The first three Boeing 737 are scheduled to arrive in 2022. The official website of Lynx Airline is flylynx.com. Enerjet, the initial name of Lynx Air, was founded by Tim Morgan, the former vice president of airline WestJet. The company got its operations certificate in 2008. 

Who Owns Lynx Airline: The Founders and Owners

Lynx Air was founded by the name of Enerjet by Tim Morgan. But right now, after it is known to the world as Lynx Airline, it is operated by CEO of Lynx Airline Merren McArthur. Merren is also the PresidentPresident of the Airline. She had a successful stint as the PresidentPresident of Virgin Australia Regional Airlines. 

The Chief Commerical Officer of the airline is Vijay Bhatia, an Indian origin Canadian. The founder of the airline Tim Morgan is also the Chief Operating Officer. 

Tim Morgan, Who Owns Lynx Airline, plans the operating procedures alongside regulatory compliance. Michael Holditch right now occupies the post of Chief Financial Officer. Holditch had a stint at Enerjet and was the CFO of the predecessor of Lynx Airline. 

The New Plans 

The airline has decided to run its operations even during the pandemic as they believe the domestic demand for travelling has surged. Though Calgary Airport is operating with a fifty per cent limit due to Covid-19, Lynx believes that it can earn profit being an ultra-low-cost airline. 


The question we asked at the start of Who Owns Lynx Airline is now answerably. Tim Morgan founded the company by its earlier name, ‘Enerjet’ and is now under the supervision of CEO and President Merren McArthur. As the vaccination and spreading rate decreased, the airline was set to return to domestic travel for Canadians. To know more, see Lynx Air Tickets Go on Sale for Flights to Five Canadian Destinations

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