Who Owns Gofundme {Feb} Explore CEO, Fundraiser Details!

In this post, we have discussed the number one fundraising platform GoFundMe, how it works, Who Owns Gofundme and its top fundraisers.

Have you heard of the fundraising platform GoFundMe? Are you considering GoFundMe for raising money? Do you want to learn about the platform and its owners? If yes, tune into the post. 

GoFundMe is one of the top for profit fundraisers. People worldwide, especially in Canada, the United States and Australia, want to learn more about the platform and its current owners. So, in this post, we will talk about the fundraising platform GoFundMe and Who Owns Gofundme.

What is GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is a fundraising & crowdfunding for profit web platform based in the US. It enables people all around the world to raise funds for various events covering life events like graduations and celebrations to overwhelmingly challenging scenarios such as illnesses and accidents. 

Between 2010 and the start of 2020, more than 9 billion dollars have been raised through the GoFundMe platform. The funds were contributions by more than 120 million worldwide donors. GoFundMe is headquartered in Redwood City, California, having branches in San Diego & Dublin and operations in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and the UK.

Before knowing Who Owns Gofundme, let us discuss how it works. 

How Does the GoFundMe Platform Work? 

GoFundMe makes it easy for individuals, groups, and organizations to raise funds. As per their official web platform, people need three main steps to raise & receive funds. We have discussed them below:

  • Start the fundraiser – First, people need to set up their fundraiser goal, explain why they need the money, and add a picture or a video for more reliability.
  • Share with family & friends – Now, people need to share & promote their fundraising campaign through emails, text messages and social media. 
  • Manage the donations – Lastly, accept the donations and withdraw them after thanking donors. 

Who Owns Gofundme?

Andrew Ballester & Brad Damphousse started CreateAFund in San Diego, California, in 2008, which later was developed to GoFundMe in 2010 by the duo. 

Around 2015, Andrew Ballester & Brad Damphousse sold the company to Technology Crossover and Accel Partner. The duo sold what started as a small fundraiser at a whopping $300 million. 

In 2017, CrowdRise acquired GoFundMe. Presently GoFundMe is among the top fundraising platforms throughout the world, and the company is owned and managed by CrowdRise. 

The current toplevel executive team of GoFundMe includes – CEO Tim Cadogan, President Juan Benitez and CMO Musa Tariq. 

Now that we know Who Owns Gofundme let us discuss the major fundraisers. 

List of Top 10 GoFundMe fundraisers:

  • $45.1 million – America’s Food Fund 
  • $25 million – We Build Wall (refunded)
  • $24.2 million – Time’s Up Defense Legal Fund 
  • $14.7 million – The Official Memorial George FloydFund 
  • $11.5 million – Humboldt Broncos Funds
  • $11.8 million – Las Vegas Victims Fund 
  • $10.1 million – Douglas Stoneman Victims Fund 
  • $8.2 million – Frontline Responder Fund 
  • $7.8 million – Pulse Shooting Victims Support 
  • $7.5 million – COVID-19 Navajo Hopi Families Relief Fund 


GoFundMe is at the top of the fundraising game. The fundraising service is free, but GoFundMe takes a part of donations. Visit the official GoFundMe website  for more

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