Who Owns Gettr (Feb 2022) Let Us Detail It Here!

This post answers the query Who Owns Gettr and mentions other necessary details about this social media platform, created recently.

Social media platforms are a staple of the internet. With the enormous success of some of the leading names in social media, many other similar platforms are also created frequently inspired by them or in their image.

However, some social media platforms are also quite political as they’re unable to maintain political neutrality due to their userbase. One of such platforms is Gettr, and Who Owns Gettr is gaining traction. This query has become somewhat trendy in the United States and the United Kingdom. Keep reading this article to obtain all the relevant details about this platform.

What is Gettr?

As we already mentioned earlier, Gettr is a social media platform. American conservatives mostly use the platform to voice their opinions, making this platform political and unsuitable for everyone’s use, like a person’s political opinions also come into play here.

The platform’s political nature stems from its creator, who was formerly a Donald Trump aide and official spokesperson. Who Owns Gettr? We’ll get to it shortly. The app was launched in July 2021 and has gained millions of downloads.

Features of Gettr

  • The appearance and the interface of the website are remarkably similar to Twitter.
  • The platform claims to be a “free speech” stage for users to voice their thoughts and opinions.
  • The platform also offers access to uncensored news, and users can easily get in touch with more like-minded people on this platform.
  • However, the platform has a reputation for being filled with controversial posts, among other unsuitable things.

Who Owns Gettr?

Let’s look at all the relevant details about the ownership of this platform.

  • The ownership of this platform is directly related to the political nature of the platform and some of the controversies surrounding it.
  • Jason Miller, a former aide of former President, Donald Trump, is the app’s founder and creator
  • Many platforms banned Donald Trump from using social media websites like Twitter.
  • Moreover, the respective authorities also shut his blog down for numerous reasons.
  • For the longest time, Gettr was assumed to be the platform where Donald Trump would voice his thoughts.
  • Who Owns Gettr? The owner of this social media platform is Jason Miller.
  • The platform recently came under news when it banned the account of some right-wing politicians, which led to an online backlash.
  • More recently, Joe Rogan, a popular personality, also joined this platform.
  • Read more about this platform here.

The Final Verdict         

Social media platforms are one of the biggest and most successful internet domains. A significant amount of internet traffic comes from the big names in this sector. Gettr is also a new app gaining traction, and users are curious to know about its ownership. We have mentioned all the relevant details about the same above.

What do you think of Gettr? Kindly share your thoughts on our answer to Who Owns Gettr in the comments.

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  1. Excuse me, but I’d like to know just exactly who gets to decide that conservative views are unacceptable. Do you know what a nazi is? Why are you so afraid of opposing views? And if you don’t like them, why do you think silencing is acceptable?


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