Who Owns Del Taco (Dec) Let Us Learn About The New Deal!

This article answers Who Owns Del Taco and mentions other related information about the current deal.

If we were to name some of the most frequently visited places or establishments, restaurants would certainly be one of them. People often go out to eat at restaurants or set up meetings. Many people rely on their local restaurants to get quality food. 

Fast-food restaurants are also quite popular as they’re the prime location to go when one is looking for a quick and tasty bite. Recently, Who Owns Del Taco has become trendy.

This query is mainly gaining traction in the United States, where this restaurant chain is quite popular. Keep reading this article to get more information.

About Del Taco

Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson founded this company about 57 years ago, in 1964. It’s a chain of fast-food restaurants across the US and some other regions. It’s primarily known for offering Mexican food and other popular American food items. 

The company is headquartered in California, and John D. Capassola, Jr. serves as its CEO. Tacos, burgers, hamburgers, and salads are popular food items available at this restaurant. Who Owns Del Taco? Another restaurant chain, Jack in the Box, is gaining traction in the same regard in the United States.

What is Jack in the Box?

Robert Oscar Peterson founded this company in 1951, which makes it about 70 years old. It’s an American fast food restaurant chain with thousands of locations all across the country. It has more locations on the West Coast of the US, where it enjoys tremendous success. 

The company is also headquartered in California. There’s a wide variety of food and dishes available in these restaurants like fries, sandwiches, hamburgers, egg rolls, etc.

Who Owns Del Taco?

All the relevant details about the ownership of this restaurant chain are mentioned below, along with the recent developments:

  • Del Taco is a valuable company as it’s the second biggest Mexican fast-food restaurant chain in the US, only behind the popular and reputed Taco Bell.
  • Levy Acquisition Corp acquired this company after which it became publicly owned.
  • Seeing its appeal, Jack in the Box will buy this company at an enormous price of $575 million.
  • Jack in the Box will pay a massive $12.51 per share for acquiring this company.
  • Both companies have said that they expect to increase their growth even further with this deal.
  • Who Owns Del Taco? When the recent deal goes through, Jack in the Box will own Del Taco.
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The Final Verdict         

When people look to get a quick bite to eat, fast food restaurants are where they go. Del Taco is one of the prominent names in such restaurants. The restaurant is, however, changing ownership. Jack in the Box will now acquire this chain at an enormous price. 

What do you think of this ownership deal? All other related information is mentioned above. Kindly mention how helpful you found our answer to Who Owns Del Taco in the comments.

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