Who Owned the Lakers Before Jerry Buss {March} Know!

In this article, we will read about the lakers and Who Owned the Lakers Before Jerry Buss.

If you are a basketball fan, you must have heard of the name lakers. This basketball team is worldwide famous and has won several basketball championships. It is one of the most popular basketball association teams in the United States. It consists of several top-notch basketball celebrities like Lebron James and many more.

Lakers had several owners in his history, like jerry bus and many more. And this article, we are going to read more about the lakers and their owners and especially Who Owned the Lakers Before Jerry Buss. Keep reading for all the essential information.

What Is Lakers?

Lakers is also known as Los Angeles Lakers, and it is one of the best professional basketball teams in America. This professional basketball team was founded in the year 1947. The team lakers compete in the NBA as members of the western pacific conference division.

It is one of the most and best basketball teams in the basketball championship history. Till now, the lakers have won almost 17 NBA championships. The main sponsor of this basketball team is Bibigo, and its current head coach is Frank Vogel.

Who Owned the Lakers Before Jerry Buss?

The lakers basketball professional team was founded in 1949, and since then, it has got several owners. The first owner of this team in 1949, Ben Berger remained the teams’ owner till1957. And then, in the year 1979, Dr. Jerry Buss became the owner of this team and then remained the owner of 2014. And according to the latest news, ownership of the team is being owned by the family of Dr jerry’s bus that is the Buss Family Trust.

Now let us read about who this team’s owner was before jerry’s bus. So, the answer for Who Owned the Lakers Before Jerry Buss is Jack Kent Cooke. He became the team owner in the year 1965 and kept the ownership for almost thirteen years till 1979.

Latest News About Lakers.

HBO, one of the famous television channels of American industry, has launched a new docudrama by winning time, the rise of the Lakers dynasty. This show was premiered on March 6th, and it is based on the best-seller of jeff Pearlman’s showtime book.

The show is starred John C. Reilly as the owner of Jerry Buss. They have tried to showcase the story of Jerry Buss, a self-made millionaire and the architect of the Lakers. So, we hope that now after reading this, you know about Who Owned the Lakers Before Jerry Buss and some essential information related to Lakers and his owner, Jerry Buss.


In this article, we have read about one of the most famous American professional basketball teams and his owner Jerry Buss, who became so successful. In this article, we have also read about the latest news of this basketball team and its docudrama. And other than these things, we have also discussed Who Owned the Lakers Before Jerry Buss. Click here to learn more about Lakers.

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