Who Kissed Princess Leia First {May} Know The Truth!

Do you know when we celebrate Star Wars Day? On May the 4th! Every year, fans from the United States, Canada and other parts of the world come together to celebrate this day as Star Wars Day, even though it is not an official commemorative day.

This year, fans took to Twitter to celebrate this day in their unique ways. One such part of the film caught fans’ attention and raised the question- Who Kissed Princess Leia First? Let’s find the answer!

Who did Kissed Leia First?

Princess Leis has been with Han Solo, but it is confusion among fans who kissed her first. Leia used Luke as a prop to make a point to Han, with whom she fell in love. She kissed Luke thrice: once on the cheek before the swing on the Death Star, second in the sickbay of Hoth and third when she rescued Luke from under Bespin.

However, since Princess Leia and not Luke initiated all these, he wasn’t the person to kiss her. And therefore, the answer to Who Kissed Princess Leia First is Han Solo!

About Star Wars:

Star Wars is the epic space-opera multimedia franchise that has been expanded into television series, novels, comic books, live-action films, animated films, theme parks, video games and more.

George Lucas created the franchise, and its original work includes the 1977 Star Wars film. It depicts the adventures of characters living in a galaxy where humans and alien species co-exist with robots, who help them in several day-to-day activities.

Princess Leia is a fictional character in this franchise, and Han Solo was the first person to kiss her. Other main characters include Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, etc.

About Princess Leia: Who Kissed Princess Leia First 

Princess Leia is called a feminist hero, a 1980s icon, and a model for other adventure heroines. She is the fictional character of the popular Star Wars franchise, the princess of Alderaan, an agent of the Rebel Alliance, and a member of the Imperial Senate. 

She played a major important role in the franchise that thwarts Darth Vader and brings about the destruction of the Death Star. She falls in love with Han Solo (whom she kisses first), marries him and has three children: Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo.

The Star Wars Day 2022 celebration:

The question Who Kissed Princess Leia First is probably trending because of the Star Wars Day celebrated yesterday on 4th May 2022.

Star Wars fans from the United States and other countries celebrated this special day uniquely. To commemorate this day, people shared paintings, posters, and clips from the original franchise films.

The iconic pun “May the Fourth be with you” was also shared and laughed upon by many fans.

Final Words: 

Star Wars is an iconic franchise that received global recognition quickly. Even though there is no official announcement about the day, fans celebrate 4 May as the Star Wars Day each year.

Who Kissed Princess Leia First? We hope you have found the answer above.

Please feel free to reach us in the comment section for more queries!

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