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This article aimed to provide valuable Knowledge regarding Who Is the Dragon Wheel of Time, the most discussed character of the series Wheel of Time.  

Are you a person who is into web series? Are you someone who loves to make favourite characters and other stuff? If you have such fantasies, then there’s a platform for you. The series wheel of time about which this article is talking is famous Worldwide nowadays. 

And the question arises here is: Who Is the Dragon Wheel of TimeLet us connect with this article to know the series’s plot, genre, and cast. 

About the series 

The series starts with moraine, a member of the group magician organization. He takes five youngsters on a journey with the belief that one of them will be reborn as a dragon who will save the world from evil or be destined to destroy it.

The show telecasts on Amazon prime videos. It is an American web series. The television series the Wheel of Time is based on a novel written by Robert Jordan. We are here in search of Who Is the Dragon Wheel of Time?

Let us get along with the article to discover the same- 

Why is the Dragon episode of wheel considered best? 

After giving three non-famous episodes, the wheel of time strikes high in the world of web series, episode 4, named the dragon reborn, got the series to the next level. The episode got fame due to the balance of action and some nice moments. 

In this episode, the dragon is reborn as per the wish of Moiraine, which makes the series interesting and engaging. Moving forward with the article, we’ll discuss Who Is the Dragon Wheel of Time? 

Let’s talk about some specifications of the series to let the readers know more about the nature of the series, who are planning to watch it. 


  • Name- Wheel of Time.
  • Type of the series- Fantasy.
  • The story is taken from- Robert Jordan wrote the novel. 
  • Melodist- Lorne Balfe. 
  • Country- United States.
  • Language of the series- English.
  • Seasons- The series has only 1 season till now.
  • Episodes- Eight episodes till now.
  • Producer- Rosamund Pike. 
  • Per episode timing- 62 minutes.
  • Producing companies- Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios.
  • Release date- 19th November, 202.
  • Main telecasting network- Amazon prime videos. 

Who Is the Dragon Wheel of Time? 

The dragon of the series is a youngster who was taken on a journey along with 4 other youngsters believing that one day someone from them will be reborn as a dragon, and the episode in which he was reborn as a dragon was named The Dragon Reborn. The particular episode got so much attention and attraction from its viewers about the 4th episode.


The article is written to acknowledge the people about the series Wheel of time, the people who are in search of some good series and looking forward to watching it. Hope this article will be helpful if you are interested in knowing the answer to Who Is the Dragon Wheel of Time? 

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