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This article will let you know about the Ozark crime series and will try to answer the question, Who Is the Baby in Ozark.

Do you love crime series? Are you a person who loves to watch excellent drama series based on criminal aspects? If yes, this article will introduce you to an excellent crime series. Criminal series is a thing that viewers in the entertainment industry always welcome.

Let us not forget that this crime series is famous in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. 

This article will introduce you to a series named Ozark, and mainly it will focus on the question Who Is the Baby in Ozark

So, let us begin and discover the answer to the asked question in the article. 

About Ozark 

  • This is an American crime series in the English language. Bill Dubuque has made it, and it telecasts on Netflix by the MRC. 
  • There is a couple in it, and the whole storyline will revolve around the couple who has shifted on the Ozark lakeside. 
  • This series has a total of 4 seasons till now. 


  • Producer- Bill Dubuque
  • Country of the series- the USA
  • Language of the series- English
  • Episodes- 37 in total 

Who Is the Baby in Ozark? 

The name of the baby in this series is Zeke Young. In this series, he is the biological son of Mason Young and Grace Young. 

Zeke is the centre of the series, and he plays a supportive role by being in the series. The baby Zeke has a rough journey throughout the series. 

At first, he is shown with his parents but then gone to Marty and then gone in the hands of Darlene. The baby Zeke suffered a lot being a baby. 

After introducing the character of the baby Zeke Young Who Is the Baby in Ozark. The article will let you know about some of his sufferings. 

About baby Zeke’s condition in season 4 

Zeke has been a supporting character in the whole series, but poor baby Zeke suffered a lot throughout the series, especially in 4th season of the drama. 

He is the biological son of Young but has suffered a lot by shifting from one parent to another. 

Darlene served as a great mother to baby Zeke, but she died as an unsuccessful mother in the end. So, we can say that Who Is the Baby in Ozark, is that biologically he is Young’s son.

By reading this paragraph on baby Zeke’s condition, you will realize how much he suffered and how cruel his life has been. 

The Last Words

Dramas based on crime stories are liked by almost everyone all over the world.

As per our research, we can say that these crime series are going up in significant parts of the nation. As it includes drama, entertainment, and many more. 

But, the child has suffered a lot as he has shifted from one parent to another.

What are your opinions after knowing Who Is the Baby in Ozark? Please share your feelings in the comments below.

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