Who Is Peacemakers Dad {Feb} Read To Know His Name!

Who Is Peacemakers Dad reveals about the character, talks about the series, and provides a lot more related information.

Have you heard about Peacemaker earlier? The name is familiar to us as the first time the character appeared in Fightin’5. Also, Peacemaker is a fictitious superhero series created by Charlton Comics, which DC Comics eventually acquired.

But what we are talking about today is the HBO Max series that was released on January 13, 2022. Fans of the series across the United States are going crazy after releasing the first three episodes.

Now, the most popular search is Who Is Peacemakers Dad? So, let us explore the twists and turns that the series has till now.

What is the HBO Max Peacemaker TV series?

The series is streaming on HBO Max is based on the comic character Peacemaker. John Cena as Christopher Smith is the leading character who played the role of the Peacemaker in the series.

The series is created and written by James Gunn, a DC Extended Universe who introduces the character Peacemaker, who is discharged from hospital after completing the previous mission.

People who have been searching for Who Is Peacemakers Dad should know that the series already premiered on January 13, 2022, on HBO Max with its first three episodes. Meanwhile, the rest of the episodes are in line to be released on every Thursday of the following week.

Unfortunately, the character of the Peacemaker depicted earlier in The Suicide Squad does not give much exposure to him. And that is the whole idea behind presenting him in a separate show.

He is not a bad guy, but he wants to establish peace at any cost. The new mission of project Butterfly is in front of the Peacemaker.

Who Is Peacemakers Dad?

Since the premiere of the new show, fans have been ecstatic. If you have watched the first episode, “A Whole New Whirled,” it introduces Auggie Smith, his father whom Peacemaker visited to recover his pet eagle and grab a new outfit.

Robert Patrick played his father’s role, who aided his son with the technology, which ultimately helped in his mission. He’s even constructed a weird, outstretched lab for his son Smith and created up to ten helmets for him to grasp and go.

Each helmet has a different combat ability, according to Auggie Who Is Peacemakers Dad. One of them, for example, has X-ray eyesight and the ability to breathe underwater.

However, because of his son’s plot, Auggie ends up in jail in episode 2, “Best Friends, For Never”. As many white supremacists devote themselves to him, he is disclosed to be White Dragon.

Later, when John Cena travels to his father Auggie’s house to get his pet Eagly, he appears contemptuous.

About White Dragon abilities:

Till the latest episode, White Dragon’s skills and abilities have not been thoroughly explored, but it’s apparent that he’s an innovator and engineer.

After all, his secret closet is equipped with high-tech equipment and designs, including Peacemaker’s helmets.


White Dragon Who Is Peacemakers Dad is a proficient marksman and combat expert in the DC comics. However, we are yet to explore his distinguishing abilities. You can watch the trailer of Peacemaker here.

Do you now know about Peacemaker? Tell us in the comment section if you already have watched the series?

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