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This post on Who Is Amber Heard With Now will share the latest updates on the current relationship of Amber. Kindly read to know more.

Do you know about Amber’s recent love status? Has she married someone else? People are asking these questions frequently. They want to know the current status of Amber. The news revolves around the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Some people are asking, Who Is Amber Heard With Now

This post will give all your answers as people are confused about her status. Kindly go through this post to know all the updates. 

Relationship of Amber

After filing divorce from her ex-partner Depp, she was rumored to be dating Tesla CEO Elon Musk until 2018. Later, she was expected to be in a relationship with Bianca Butti, a cinematographer and an actor, from 2020 (January) to 2021 (December). But now, she is not dating anyone, as per the reports. So, it is not confirmed yet if she is dating someone. No news has been updated regarding her relationship.

Who Is Amber Heard Dating?

The question of this answer is NO. She is not dating anyone currently. After her relationship with Bianca, she has not been dating anyone. Netizens have been spreading some rumors after she has been criticized for separation from her ex-husband. Many stories were brandishing that she was supposed to be with Elon Musk, but before moving ahead with each other, they had already parted their ways in the year 2018. If we talk about her relationship with Butti, she has parted ways in 2021. So, she is not with anyone right now.

Note: All these details on Who Is Amber Heard With Now were taken from online sources. We are not making such updates on our own. This information was published in online sources.

Updates on Divorce of Johnny and Amber

Amber started dating Depp after she broke up with Tasya Van Ree. Depp and Heard married in 2015, but the relationship did not work well, and they parted ways in 2016 by filing a divorce. A defamation case has been filed against each other, and the two are still waiting for a final hearing as no final judgment has been passed. 

People had all eyes on the couple and were waiting for any disclosure of their relationship. We hope you got your answers on Who Is Amber Heard With Now

The case is continuing, and no update has been shared yet. Earlier, many truths and evidence were revealed in court, but we cannot assume who is right or wrong.


Wrapping up this post, we have found the details of their current relationship with Amber. She is not dating anyone. We have mentioned the updates on her past relationship also. So, you can track the details here. Please check this post to get more updates on Amber Heard’s relationship

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