Who Attends the State of the Union Address {Mar} Read!

To all those wondering about Who Attends the State of the Union Address, read this article to explore the list of members.

Are you aware of the State of Union meeting? When is this meeting scheduled? What is the plan behind the State of Union meeting? Who can all attend this meeting?

Amid the Russia-Ukraine war and Covid Inflation, people in the United States were eagerly waiting for the State of the Union Address. This was a meeting held by the President where he addressed and shared his views for all the ongoing issues, suggesting a solution for the same. 

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What is the State of the Union?

Abbreviated as SOTU, the State of the Union is an annual meeting organized by the President of the United States to say about their annual message to the congress. The same is addressed at the beginning of the calendar year.

The President addresses the nation’s current situation, reflecting their ideas and suggestions for the same. This meeting includes presenting the economy, news, national budget and the achievements for their plans and legislative proposals.

Who Attends the State of the Union Address?

Now that we have facts cleared for this meeting, you might wonder who is allowed to be part of this State of Union Address. All the members of congress are allowed to be a part of it, and they are permitted to invite one more member with them.

The President himself can also invite 24 guests with the First Lady in her box. The speaker is also allowed to invite 24 guests in the speaker’s box, and they are served with the seats on a first-come basis.

Adding more to Who Attends the State of the Union AddressMembers for the Diplomatic Corps, the Cabinet, Supreme Court Justice and Joint Chief of Staff have their reserved seats.

Main floor seating for the union is booked on a first-come and serve basis and need not have any prior reservation.

What is SOTU Scheduled for 2022?

According to the data fetched, the State of Union Address was scheduled for Tuesday, 1st March 2022, when Biden had delivered his message for the country. 

The backdrop for this speech was the most significant European war continuing since World War II, and foreign policy was the main topic.

Who Attends the State of the Union Address and the topics addressed was a big hype.

Covid affects, inflations and the country’s economy were also discussed where Biden proposed a plan for better growth.

Note – All details mentioned here are entirely based on the internet’s research.


Congress Member and one guest each, the President and 24 members with him, 24 members with the speaker of the house, Cabinet, Diplomatic Corps, Supreme court justices and Joint Chief of Staffs are allowed to be members of the Union address.

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