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This article is to discuss thoroughly Where Is Max Kellerman Going and more related details

Are you thinking about where Max Kellerman will go to continue his work as a host after being removed from ESPN? Do you want to understand why he was removed from his present talk show and his future plans? If you want the answers to these questions, you have landed on the perfect article where we will talk about Where Is Max Kellerman Going and much more related information.

ESPN watchers from the United States and many other places wonder why Kellerman was removed from his talk show after so much experience and making significant contributions towards the network. 

What was Kellerman’s job on ESPN?

Max Kellerman is an American television personality and a sports and boxing commentator. He has hosted shows like ‘Max and Marcellus’ on ESPNLA, ESPN’s panel talk show ‘Around the Horn’, and a comedy talk show called ‘Sportsnation’ on ESPN+. In 2016, Kellerman started hosting a show known as “First Take” on ESPN with two co-hosts. But, he recently announced his departure from this show. So, Where Is Max Kellerman Going and is he still going to be associated with ESPN? You will find out soon!

Who made Max Kellerman leave the show?

Max Kellerman voluntarily announced his departure from First Take on 1st September 2021, but the truth is that the ESPN network kicked him out of the show because of his co-host Stephen A. Smith. Smith always wanted the show to be him against the world, and he wanted his co-host to be a debating challenger, but Kellerman always outshine him and proved to be the smartest in the room. Hence he wanted him off the show for years, and the network approved his request leading to people thinking, Where Is Max Kellerman Going?

Why did ESPN approve of Kellerman’s removal?

Stephen A. Smith was always known to be the face of the ESPN show “First Take”, and he is one of the most important hosts in the ESPN network. Moreover, he is also the highest-paid host because people appreciate his work. So, after five years of experience, ESPN had to let Max Kellerman go even after all his hard work and success to retain their most prominent host. Alongside this, ESPN also had other plans for Max Kellerman, which we will find in the following section.

Where Is Max Kellerman Going?

Even though many people from the United States believe that Kellerman is altogether leaving ESPN, the truth is that he is only leaving First Take. He will be hosting a morning radio talk show from 7th September called Keyshawn, JWill & Max. He will also host a TV series on ESPN, which is still unnamed. Furthermore, his TV show called Max on Boxing will continue on ESPN 2.

Final thoughts:

We conclude that Kellerman has big things coming up for him on television and radio programmes to showcase his talent phenomenally without a co-host rival who wants to outsmart him. We hope to have answered all your doubts regarding Where Is Max Kellerman Going.

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