Where Is Doctor Slone in Fortnite (Sep) Know Location!

If you are here wondering Where Is Doctor Slone in Fortnite details. This is the precise page you must read to get the Doctor Slone location details.

Hey guys, do you want to get the location update of the Fortnite game character named Doctor Slone? If yes, be patient and keep reading this write-up showing the latest and accurate answer to your question regarding Doctor Slone.

The gamers of Fortnite around Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States have shown much interest in finding this outfit’s locationdetails. We will reveal Where Is Doctor Slone in Fortnite and who Doctor Slone is in the Battle Royale game, along with other authentic information.

Who Is Doctor Slone?

Doctor Slone denote a character in the Fortnite game, and it’s an epic dress or an outfit for gamers, which can be obtained by buying complete accessories available on page Number eight. Doctor Slone is the most famous outfit in the Fortnite Battle Royale game.

Slone is a member of the Inquest Set. She is considered an Imagined order leader too. Imagined order is an organization that controls the Island of Fortnite and its loop. For details regarding Where Is Doctor Slone in Fortnite, you need to swipe up this page.

This character is considered the protagonist of the story, from season seven and chapter two and further.

You can have Doctor Slone in different selectable styles. The different kinds of Doctor Slone is plaid, Battlestripe, Battlesuit, Glasses, Ponytail, shades, silver, golden, colorful and Battlesuit.

Special Ability Of Doctor Slone

When made alert, Doctor slone summons two of the clones, and both carry three hundred health. It’s said that those may die at the moment being drop and eliminated. Know Where Is Doctor Slone in Fortnite in further discussion. 

  • When Slone is eliminated or loses her target, the clones get disappeared 
  • She clones herself an unlimited number of times, but it’s not allowed to have more than a total of two clones at a time.
  • When Slone gets knocked, each clone disappears, and the main boss remains the only one that can get eliminated and shaken down.

Amidst all these exciting incidents happening, you might be more curious to get the mysterious character’s location over the Island of Fortnite.

Where Is Doctor Slone in Fortnite?

In season 8, chapter 2 of fortnite, the last face-off between aliens and IO smashed most of the island part and outpost IO. This resulted in taking shelter to Doctor Slone in different locations of the Island to escape destruction.

Doctor Slone currently resides near the Northwest small camp of Dirty Docks, located at the north side of Compact cars. She is carrying a rifle named Mythic Assault Burst. The gamers may easily hold the doctor’s rifle by eliminating Slone.


Now you have got the glimpse of Where Is Doctor Slone in Fortnite. Additionally, we added up some details of Doctor Slone and her different attires available.  

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