When We Were Young Scam (Feb 2022) What We Know So Far?

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The guide shares details about the upcoming festival to help fans know if When We Were Young Scam or legit.  

With more than sixty brands playing in a one-day music event, many fans in the United States and Canada have conjectured that When We are Young’s upcoming music festival will be like the disastrous Fyre Festival scheduled in 2017. 

Many old-school fans of 2000s EMO and pop-punk music lovers are shocked after the announcement of the When We Were Young music festival scheduled for Oct 2022. The music festival will feature some legendary brands, including Paramore and My Chemical Romance.   

Some news on the When We Were Young Scam has been circulating after the announcements. Let us know more about it.  

About The When We Were Young Festival

The When We Were Young music festival, also dubbed as Emo Fyre Festival, is the punk, emo, and scene music festival scheduled for Oct 2022. The announcement was made on Paramore’s Instagram page on 18th Jan 2022.

The music festival features some legendary bands, nostalgic EMO bands, and others. Soon after the announcement, many fans started giving their reactions and creating memes across platforms like Instagram and Twitter, creating hype. People want to know whether this is the same Fyre Festival Scam held in 2017 or different.

Is When We Were Young Scam or Legit?

After the news of the music festival started circulating, many fans and high-profile bands had speculated that the When We Were Young Festival could be like the disastrous Fyre Festival scheduled in 2017. 

Fyre Festival sold tickets as the luxury music event. It was scheduled on a Bahamian island in Great Exuma. The event claimed to feature some legendary bands. Tickets were sold to many people. But when guests reached the venue, the event turned out to be a scam. The founder of the event, Billy McFarland, was sentenced to six years of imprisonment, and he forfeited $26 million to the fans. 

So, many fans are now considering When We Were Young Scam. But, in reality, the music festival is scheduled for October 2022 in Las Vegas, and tickets will be available for pre-sale from 21st Jan 2022.

Till now, we found nothing to consider a scam. Many bands playing in the event also promoted the festival and its tickets on Social Media. 

Where and When the Music Festival Is Scheduled?

The When We Were Young music festival is scheduled for 22nd October 2022, and it will take place in Las Vegas on Saturday.

So, people looking for the answer to is When We Were Young Scam or legit, must prepare for the event as it seems legit and not a scam. The presale tickets will be made available for the public from Friday 21st Jan 2022. 

You may sign-up for the presale and purchase your ticket via the official When We Were Young website. 


Soon after the news of the When We Were Young Festival was posted on social media, many people started giving their reactions. Many bands and online fans have speculated it like the disastrous Fyre Festival in 2017. 

After such reactions, many people started wondering When We Were Young Scam. However, we have not found any loopholes or facts to consider it a scam. But you must always start alert and learn the tips on How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.

Do you have anything to update about the event? Please, share it in the comment section.

7 thoughts on “When We Were Young Scam (Feb 2022) What We Know So Far?

  1. Just saying but having a festival for 1 day with that many bands over 12/13 hrs. That’s only 33min per artist about with set up and tear down….idk it doesn’t seem legit to me…..be careful

  2. There are 60 confirmed bands, and it looks like more. If you wanted 30 minutes per band, that’s 32 hours of continuous play. And there’s no way. These people are getting 10 minutes, max, or they would have like 5 stages active at a time

  3. The people up above have obviously never been to a music fest. There will be multiple stages and set times will be different. Lower bands usually only have 30-40 minutes. The bigger bands range from 45-90 minutes. With having multiple stages, the set times work. Bands will be playing simultaneously and far apart enough that the music does not bleed into one another.

  4. There has been a second day added to the festival. I received a message at 10:41 am PST saying a second show day has been added for Sunday October 23, 2022. Now I have no idea whether I want to go because who knows what bands are playing on what day. This has not been organized well at all…

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