When Is IRS Accepting 2022 Tax Returns {Jan} Find Date

This post on When Is IRS Accepting 2022 Tax Returns discuss the organization, various modes of payment and date of the payments.

Have you filed your tax for this year? Do you know when the deadline is? Do you also want to know if this year has any change in the dates?

If you stay in the United States and worry about paying taxes, this article will help. Through this post, we will discuss the tax system, how you pay your tax. Also, we will be discussing When Is IRS Accepting 2022 Tax Returns?

What is the IRS?

The Internal Revenue system is a federal organization in charge of collecting taxes and enforcing tax regulations in the U.S. The organization, founded in 1862 by that time ruling President Abraham Lincoln and works under the authority of the United States Department of the Treasury.

It is responsible for collecting respective income and employment taxes. In addition to these, the IRS is also responsible for handling excise, corporate, gift, and estate taxations. At present, the IRS is headed by Commissioner Charles P. Rettig (49th commissioner of IRS).

How do you pay the tax?

While discussing When Is IRS Accepting 2022 Tax Returns, it is best to understand the payment system. Among the various tax payment methods, the most popular is an electronic transfer or debit/ credit card transfer from the bank account.

Other popular ways are a same-day bank wire or an electronic funds withdrawal when you e-file your return. However, you can opt for the Electronic Federal Tax Paying System for a larger payment.

Suppose you do not want to pay electronically; another traditional way is through a cheque or money order. However, the best way we suggest to pay tax is electronic media, as most taxpayers do.

When Is IRS Accepting 2022 Tax Returns?

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic substantially influenced the previous two tax filing seasons, causing the IRS to extend both deadlines, the IRS is not likely to extend the tax filing deadline in 2022

Please note that the IRS delayed the deadline due to the ongoing pandemic and moved it to May 17 in 2021.

But this year also sees quite a shift in dates from the usual April 15. It is because the holiday will be commemorated on Friday, April 15, due to the fact that April 16 (Emancipation Day) is a Saturday.

As a result, When Is IRS Accepting 2022 Tax Returns is much highlighted. Therefore, the US will have tax day on Monday, April 18.

However, because Patriots Day falls on April 18, the tax filing deadline for Maine and Massachusetts residents will be Tuesday, April 19.

Also, employers have until January 31 to send out W-2s, despite the IRS not announcing when it would begin taking tax returns. Last year, the IRS moved the deadline for filing tax returns to February 12, 2021, two weeks later than usual.


The covid-19 pandemic will still be a concern, but there is still a date shift in the current scenario. However, we hope When Is IRS Accepting 2022 Tax Returns is clear to you through this post. If you want more information on the IRS, you can check here.

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