When Do W2 Come Out 2022 {Feb} Know The Deadlines!

Are you searching When Do w2 Come Out 2022? This article will help you identify the actual date and process to fill out.

The W-2 form was released in December 2021 by the IRS (internal revenue service). If you’re willing to fill this, then read this article till the end and know its deadline to avail the benefits. W-2 is a wage and tax statement form of the United States to send a report on wages given to employees and tax within them. 

The IRS has sent a deadline date to submit the W-2 form of 2021 in 2022. All employees, including big and small, complied to submit in this period. So, let us see When Do w2 Come Out 2022. 

What does the W-2 form mean?

W-2 is the wage and tax statement of the US employee which the employer needs to send to the IRS at the end of the year-end. It lists the employee’s annual wages and the amount of taxes from their paychecks. In other words, the w-2 employee is someone who deducts taxes from the employer’s income and sends all his reports to the government. 

The w-2 from the employer reflects your annual income, including all taxes you have paid for a year. While the IRS uses the w-2 form to track the tax obligations status of an individual. 

When Do w2 Come Out 2022?

Below, we have mentioned the details.

  • The W2 must come out by email or be available online until 31st January 2022.
  • This 31st January deadline also applies for the 1099-MISC form, non-employee compensation payments. 
  • In case if you get delays in submitting your form, then you may ask for a 30-days extension for the w2 form to submit from the IRS. 
  • The deadline for submitting the W-2 form is 31st January 2022 to the IRS. 

So, it means you have only 24days to submit the full report to the IRS. 

Why is the IRS deadline important?

Despite When Do w2 Come Out 2022, it is essential to know why one needs to follow the deadline. IRS set the deadline just to avoid frauds in tax and giveaway timely refunds to every taxpayer without delays. If an employer cannot submit w2 on time, employees need to wait a long time to clear their refunds. Although, timely delivery encourages a faster process. 

From where do you get the copy of w2 online?

You can find a W-2 copy from TurboTax and H&R Block this year. They provide great information on each topic that you can send to your employer. Also, military services and businesses provide W-2 forms online. The form is free to claim and fill with When Do w2 Come Out 2022 details. 

To know the W-2 filing requirements, click here.  

The Bottom Line

A W-2 form is now available online to fill out. The last date for submitting your paper is 31st January 2022. So, get into your preparations and prepare your employees to get their refunds. However, filling the form after reading the fundamental requirements is suggested, so you do not get any issues. 

We hope with the above information; you understand what w2 form is and why it is essential to fill it out. 

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