When Did Messi Join Barcelona (Aug) Let Us Find Here!

When Did Messi Join Barcelona (Aug) Let Us Find Here! >> Please read about the journey of a football legend and how he became part of a team known around the world today.

Some names are meant to be remembered as they have made history. One of such names of our generation happens to be Lionel Messi. So even if you are a fan of football or is a resident of the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, the United Statesor Indiathis is a name you are familiar with without any doubt. 

He has made a name for himself and the team FC Barcelona that he was part of for the past 17 years. However, he and his team have taken up the news spot, and there is a reason why. 

So, let’s see the details of his career and see When Did Messi Join Barcelona

Early Background

Like most of the beloved heros, Messi also had humble beginnings. His story is about a young man’s passion for football and how he made a name for himself. 

Messi was born Lionel “Leo” Andrés Messi on 24 June 1987 in Argentina province of Santa Fe. He was the third of the four children of Jorge Messi (manager at steel factory) and his wife Celia Cuccittini (an employee of magnet manufacturing shop). 

Messi grew up in a warm and happy family who loved football. Hence before answering the question of When Did Messi Join Barcelona, we need to see how he started playing. So Messi developed a passion for the sport early on in his life and would constantly play with his older brothers and cousins. But, according to sources, he was just four when he started to play under his father’s guidance at a local club called Grandoli. 

However, his biggest influence was his grandma Celia, who was his constant companion in training and matches. Celia’s death devasted young Messi, who later mentioned that he would point to the sky in dedication to his grandmother when he scores a goal.

When Did Messi Join Barcelona

Messi was a young lad when he joined FC Barcelona in 2000. He was thirteen years old when he came to Camp Nou and joined the Under 14s team of aspirant players. 

At the camp, he aced every level he was in and climbed the ladder of success with getting ranks of Barca C, Barca B, all the way to his first-team entry. And all these achievements were made in three years.

In 2003 when he was sixteen years old, he officially stepped into the world of football to leave a mark that the only legend like him could do. Hence answer the question When Did Messi Join Barcelona. 

The Latest Update 

If you cannot keep up with the news, you must be wondering why we are going back to a time when Messi joined the Barcelona team. It is because, according to news reports, Messi is deciding to leave the team. 

So, it came as a shock and confusion to many fans of the football hero when they got the news that he will not sign a new contract with Barcelona. The reason has been stated as the team’s current financial instability to meet his salary. 


The prominent question we started today may have been When Did Messi Join Barcelona; however, it is impossible to talk about the rise of this football star. The way he worked up to the position he is today has become an inspiration to many youths. 

Of course, it is a matter of time for us to know if he joins back the team, he began his journey with, but whatever may be his decision, his fans are thankful for his years of dedication towards the sport. Watch here if you want some best moments of Messi’s football career

What are your thoughts on Messi leaving Barcelona? Let us know in the comment section below.

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