What Was Earlier Called Tokyo {June} Recent Puzzle Hint!

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The article explains briefly What Was Earlier Called Tokyo. Kindly visit the article to know more details.

Do you know what Tokyo was called earlier? Were you able to solve yesterday’s (6 June 2022) crossword puzzle? Daily There were many hints on 6 June that were hard to answer. People who play the game from different countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia are curious to know the old name of Tokyo.

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The old name of Tokyo

Daily Themed Crossword is a game that includes puzzles across and downwards. Few people worldwide could solve the puzzle without taking help from any source. There are many complicated hints in the Daily themed game, and players cannot find the answer. One of the hints in the 6 June puzzle included the old name of Tokyo.

Some people knew the answer, but some failed to guess the answer. So you can get the answer here. Tokyo was earlier called “EDO”. This three-letter name has confused people, and the players confirm the answer through various sources. 

What Tokyo Was Earlier Called Daily Themed?

We have mentioned the most suspicious answer to the hint given in yesterday’s daily Themed Crossword. The game is a riddle in which you get hints, and you have to guess the word for across and downward rows and columns. It helps in building the thinking capacity and intellectual knowledge of the players.

The game is easy to understand. You need to reach the game and visit each block to know the hint. If you know the answer, enter it in the given boxes. For example, you will be given hints in different boxes, namely 1d, 1a, 2d,3d etc. Like 15d’s hint was What Was Earlier Called Tokyo, you need to type the correct answer in 15d. 

Where to play Daily Themed Crossword?

The Daily Themed Crossword game is available in the play store for Androids and the app store for IOS. You can play the game by installing it on your mobile phone. Firstly, you need to sign up for the app and start your game. After that, you will understand the game easily. Then, all you have to do is read the hints and find the answer.

There are multiple words in the daily Themed Crossword that you have to fetch. As per What Was Earlier Called Tokyo, you can read the details regarding the puzzle game here.


The article is about the old name of Tokyo. Tokyo was earlier called EDO. Many of the players may know the answer, but some got stuck on this question. Themed Crossword is a brainstorming puzzle game where hints will be given to solve the puzzle. We have mentioned detailed information about the crossword game in this post. You can visit this link to know more answers to Daily Themed Crossword.

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