What Time Is The Meteor Shower Tonight 2022 {May} Read!

Latest News What Time Is The Meteor Shower Tonight 2022

Please read this article to learn What Time Is the Meteor Shower Tonight 2022 regarding the latest celestial occurrence that night sky watchers could witness.

Is astronomy your favorite subject? Do you love gathering fascinating facts about celestial objects? Are you passionate about learning about the solar system and beyond? Then, you must be eager about the latest astronomical occurrence. 

This report has stated the expected time of a celestial incident. Astronomy enthusiasts from all over the United States are eager to find out when they can witness it. Hence, please go through this account to learn What Time Is the Meteor Shower Tonight 2022.

What was the Time of The Latest Meteor Shower?

The latest meteor shower, tau Herculids, passed the Earth between May 30, 2022, night and May 31, 2022, early morn. The time of its occurrence was 10 pm on West Coast and 1 am on East Coast in North America. 

The lunar cycle is currently in its new moon phase, so the moonlight did not dominate this occurrence. Nonetheless, if you have missed watching the tau Herculids shower, you may mark the calendar for the subsequent meteor showers of this year.

What Time Is Meteor Shower May 30 2022?

The exact time of the meteor shower on May 30, 2022, Monday, was at 10 pm on West Coast, North America. However, if you are a resident of the East Coast, you might have witnessed it at 1 am on the next day, i.e., May 31, 2022, Tuesday. 

Scientists had announced earlier that this broken comet debris might show up as a meteor shower on this day. There are many meteor showers in a given year, and not all are visible from the bare eye. However, people searched the Internet for What Time Is the Meteor Shower Tonight 2022 as this occurrence was expected to brighten up the sky on the new moon night.

What is the Tau Herculids Shower?

The subject comet’s official name is SW3 or 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann. Arno Arthur Wachman and Arnold Schwassmann from Germany observed this comet in 1930. NASA traced this comet again in the 1970s and 1990s, but it was shattered into multiple fragments by that time.

SW3 again passed Earth’s vicinity in 2006 but was broken into nearly seventy pieces. Although in fragmented form, people still waited eagerly to observe this shower and looked for What Time Is Meteor Shower May 30 2022 on the Web. 

What Exactly is a Meteor Shower?

A meteor shower consists of the debris separated from a comet, asteroid, or meteoroid. These are celestial objects that orbit in their trajectories. Due to collision or breakdown, the debris fall towards the planets with massive velocities. 

The huge frictional heat created on entering the Earth’s atmosphere mostly burns the objects, leaving the light behind. It is this light that people observe in the night sky. If the object is not completely burnt, it falls on the Earth’s surface like a meteorite. 


What Time Is the Meteor Shower Tonight 2022, is answered in this article. If you could not trace these showers, you would get many opportunities to see the upcoming meteor showers of 2022. Night sky watchers from the United States will remember these views, which coincided with Memorial Day. Did you watch the tau Herculids showers? Please share your experiences below.

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