What Picture Did Nasa Take On My Birthday (March) Read!

Nasa has put together all of Hubble’s images on the What Picture Did Nasa Take On My Birthday platform, so people can find one or more to match their birthday.

The Hubble Telescope of NASA has taken pictures since 1995. The pictures have been shown Worldwide on the Astronomy Picture Day (APOD) portal ever since.

When Nasa looked at these images, they chose one for all individuals 365 days of a year so you can find “What Picture Did Nasa Take On My Birthday” that fits your birthday. Here’s what you need to learn.

A Brief About APOD calendar 

The Hubble telescope of NASA has been taking images of the universe and planets since 1990. In addition to that, Nasa has set up a telescope every day. It has been taking pictures for 30+ years. It has been looking into the darkest parts of space. 

How do you find Nasa’s birthday picture?

  • Are you not curious to find your birthday picture? No, you don’t want to know. Well, we can say it is a lie. Who wouldn’t be excited?
  • Go to the official “The Picture Nasa Took On My Birthday” site to find your NASA birthday picture. 
  • It’s fun to enter your birth date and see what kind of cosmic wonder comes up.

How do You get to the website?

  • You need to type “NASA Hubble Archive site” into your Google search box. A website will open. 
  • When you get to the year and date options of your birthday, click on the second one. 
  • An image would pop up on the screen right away.

Where has NASA placed the Hubble Space Telescope? 

NASA put its Hubble Space Telescope up on 24th April 1990, and it went into space on 25th April 1990.

Update on What Picture Did Nasa Take On My Birthday

  • As of 2nd February 2022, Hubble Telescope is about 547 km or 340 miles above the Earth’s surface. It completes 15 orbits on each day, as per Nasa. This is where it is now.
  • As the space agency adds, it moves at a speed of around five miles (8 km) a second. It means that the Hubble Telescope would take about 10 minutes to revolve across the US.

What is NASA Widget?

Nobody will be mad at you if you use the new NASA widget to look at the sky on different dates in the life on The Picture Nasa Took On My Birthday website. 

Even if you’re not an expert in astronomy, it is a fun and free fact about your birthday that you can share with your friends and family.


When you type in your birthday, you get a specific picture and description of what the Hubble Telescope saw on your birthday. It’s a good idea to check out NASA’s public look at the stars and share what you find with your family and friends on social media! Please share your NASA images that you get in results under “What Picture Did Nasa Take On My Birthday” comment section.

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