What Is the Combined Downhill {FEB 2022} Read Facts!

This article aims to tell the readers What Is the Combined Downhill and its primary features and techniques.

Are you a sports lover? Do you love Skiing sports? Then you obviously heard terms like – “Downhill” and “Combined”.

Both terms are used for “Alpine Skiing”. The news is also taking attention from the skiing lovers of the United States.

As per our research of the famous skiing personality Aleksander Aamodtkilde has expressed his view to winning the “Winter Olympics” medals after he finishes the “Downhill” race in just 43.12 seconds.     

So, before explaining the story in detail, we need to focus – What Is the Combined Downhill

How Do You Explain the Term? 

Let’s define the terms “Downhill” and “Combined”.

As per our research, the “Alpine Skiing” has five different categories or structures. “Combined” and “Downhill” are the two of them. The other three forms of Alpine skiing are- “Slalom”, “Slalom Giant” and “G-Super”.

On the other hand, “Combined” is another competition or race of Alpine Skiing. The competitor can claim the “Combined Race” with the highest aggregate time.  

But experts call it “Super combined”, which means the last race in the present day.

Define the Historical facts of What Is the Combined Downhill

As per our research, the “Combined” was considered an event before 1936. But from 1948, combined is regarded as one of the medal-winning competitions in the Olympics. 

But after the introduction of “Giant Slalom” in the “World Championships” in 1950, no combined competition took place. It was re-structure and introduced in the 1988 Olympics. 

In 1921 Sir Arnold Lunn took the initiative for a downhill skiing competition. Downhill competition is also be remembered by Johan Clarey for his achievement in the “Lauberhorn World Cup” in 2013. Johan achieved the highest speed and broke the previous 98 mph record. 

What is the Combined Downhill’s Technique? 

As per our research, we find out some valuable techniques of “Downhill”. As per the “International Ski Federation” competition rules- five features are considered downhill. 

These techniques are- Physical terms, Risk Attempts, Judgement movement, Speed and Courage. 

For the international downhill competition, speed is a must. The competitors should achieve 130 km per hour or 81 mph.

We can categorize the “Combined” into two major parts. The old combined concept is considered by two “Slalom” runs and one “Downhill” runs. But in the modern version, “Combined” is the combination of “Super G” and “Slalom” races.

With the above information, we can define What is the Combined Downhill.  

The Trending Reasons

The news is just circulating about the first training result of Beijing’s combined downhill race. As per our latest research, Norway’s Aleksander Aamodt finished the first in “Men’s Alpine Combined Downhill”.

Crawford James and Serger Brodie of Canada won second and third place in the same race. Austria’s Strolz Johannes and Schwarz Marco finished at number four and five.

Due to these reasons, the “Combined Downhill” news is spreading.

Final Thought

Within a few days, the final “Men’s Alpine Combined Downhill” race will be held in the Beijing Winter Olympics, 2022.

But hopefully, by the above information, you can understand clearly – What Is the Combined Downhill. 

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Who will win the Men’s Alpine Combined Downhill this year? Please comment.

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