What is Cash And Go? Is it legit? Read here full Review

What is Cash And Go: Survey sites have been around for as long as I can remember. While most of them end up being a complete waste of time and on rare occasions a waste of money, there are some of them that end up surprising everyone with their legitimacy. Finding the legit ones is not an easy task and requires additional research in order to find the real deal. Today we will be finding out whether or not we have discovered one of those rare gems. 

We will be reviewing this website by the name of Cash And Go and finding out if its a legit source to earn money online. This website, like all of the others, is a survey site that pays its members to complete tasks online. Keep reading to find out whether or not Cash And Go is a good option to earn money online. 

What is Cash And Go ? 

Cash And Go is an influencer network that pays users to take advantage of their social media influence. Once signing up for the website, users are assigned a unique referral link. With this link, users are to share it all over social media and have others sign up under it and for each person who signs up under the link, the user will be paid. There are several ways to earn money on the website, after using your referral link you can earn money by posting to social media about the website. Another method the site offers is completing surveys and downloading apps. These generally take about 5-10 minutes to complete and the pay ranges on each offer. 

Cash and Go Pros 

  • Influencers can use their social media influence in order to gain money. Cash And Go pays influencers to share a special referral link and have others sign up under it. The more people that sign up,the more money you can earn. 
  • Users are able to earn money for every person they invite and even earn for every time someone even clicks on your link. 
  • Posting to social media is a way for users to gain money. Users can post on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and more about this website and get paid for each post they put up. 
  • Cash and Go is a survey site, so of course they have surveys to fill out. This is a large part of this website and they offer many quick 10 minute surveys for users to complete and gain money. They also have many new apps and games that users can download and play and earn money for doing so. 

Cash And Go cons 

  • The money that you earn on the website does not come  instantly. You must wait a couple of days in order to get the money. 

Is Cash and Go legit ? 

  • There are many positive blog reviews about Cash and Go online. 
  • Youtube videos from members of Cash and Go who have earned money by completing all the tasks. 
  • Cash and Go has a great social media presence with lots of active members who have nothing but positive things to say about this website. 
  • Cash and Go has a high Facebook rating which means lots of members trust this website. 


There are many reviews online about this website and all of them are positive. Many members of the website have been getting paid and enjoying it so far, This may be subject to change. If you look on Facebook you will see nothing but positive ratings and reviews from the website. The public image of this website is in good form. 

Cash and Go Final Thoughts 

Cash and Go is a legitimate earning source, there are many proofs online to back up this claim. Users have been earning for quite some time now and will not be stopping anytime soon. There are many ways for users to earn on this website legitimately, the first one is with your referral link. Users are to use their referral link to invite others on to the platform to start earning as well. Each successful invite yields good pay. Another way to earn money on this website is by posting about it online to different social networks.

Cash and Go pays its users for each post online about them whether it be on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and much more. Cash and Go is primarily a survey site so completing surveys is also another option to earn on the website. The website offers many surveys to fill out and even apps to download to earn money. The potential for earning on this website is evident, users can earn large dividends in a short time with several different methods of doing so. Thank you for taking the time out to read this review, check out Cash and Go if you are looking to earn good money. 

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