What Is A Demutualization Benefit Payment {Jan 2022} Read!

This article describes the distribution of payments cheques to the eligible company policyholders. Read about What Is A Demutualization Benefit Payment.

Did you receive any unexpected payments from a popular mutual fund company? If so, read this article till the end that explains the benefits and the eligibility criteria for the mutual fund policyholders.

Various policyholders from canada received high paychecks from a major mutual fund company. The big amount in the cheque stunned most of the policyholders, and at first, most of them thought it might be some pranks. Keep reading to know more on What Is A Demutualization Benefit Payment.

About Definity Financial Corporation

Definity Financial Corporation was formed when the 20th largest Canadian mutual fund-based insurance company, Economical Insurance, went public on November 23, 2021. The eligible policyholders of the company went on to become the direct equity shareholders of the newly listed public company.

The economical Insurance company is a key insurance policy provider for people of all financial categories ranging from common workers to business magnates. The company has seen tremendous financial growth since its inception in 1871. The company has its executive offices in Waterloo and Ontario.

What Is A Demutualization Benefit Payment?

  • Demutualization is when a mutual fund company converts to a publicly listed company. This process improves the status of policyholders to stock owners.
  •  A certain portion of the company’s equity is distributed among the policyholders who satisfy certain eligibility criteria mentioned by the board members.
  • The amount of profit varies concerning the insurance policy amount the policyholder is associated with.
  •  The shareholders are also eligible to receive company dividends regularly. The eligible policy owners can reap the benefits in the upcoming years.

How are Share Benefit Receivers Reacting?

  • What Is A Demutualization Benefit Payment” is the most discussed question among a large number of policyholders who unexpectedly received a thick paycheck from the Definity Financial Corporation.
  • Some of them look at the cheque as a sort of Christmas gift, and they receive the paycheck near to Christmas.
  • The people contacted the insurance company officials and their financial planners to ensure that the cheques were genuine.
  • The news regarding the huge unexpected paycheque for the policyholders was viral on major social media platforms, and policyholders started to check if they were eligible for the benefits.

Are You Eligible for a Demutualization Cheque?

You are eligible for Demutualization Benefit Payment if you satisfy these conditions mentioned below:

  • Eligibility for Mutual Policyholders: The policyholder needs to have a policy with the company on or before November 3, 2015.
  • Eligibility for Non-Mutual Policyholders:  The policyholder needs to have a non-mutual fund policy for 12 months that expires on or before November 3, 2015.


The demutualization process allows the company policyholders to be equity shareholders and benefit from the surge in stock price and dividend distribution. To know more details, please check.

Do you still have any questions in your mind about What Is A Demutualization Benefit Payment? If so, please comment your questions below.

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  1. I had a big check in the mail box before Christmas, I was happy for a moment , but I just thinking in my mind ( real or fake check, I hold it for three months. On March 16 22 , I have received a T5 from Computershare and I decided to go to the Broker insurance close by my place and ask them, they said ( yes, the real check ) and I go to the Bank they said so ) and I decide to deposit that check into my bank account, and I still don’t touch that money yet, I have to wait for something might happened in the future, such as ( I have to pay it back with interest and I have to do something ( to fill out the form or what else.. ) to get that money. What so ever, if the thing that I expect to be happened to me , please let me know I am very please to pay it back immediately. ( PS. I am not really good in English and not good on the phone because of hearing ) Thank you.


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