What Happened to Swavy (July) Get The Deep Insight Now!

What Happened to Swavy (July) Get The Deep Insight Now! >> In this article, we have gathered facts regarding a young social media personality and his deemed departure from life.

The rising stars in the entertainment industry, be it the big screen or internet community, sometimes succumb to the terrible deeds of insane individuals. In this news report, we have discussed a popular social media figure known as Swavy and his assumed demise in Delaware, United States. Please read this article to know more about What Happened to Swavy.

Who Was Swavy

Swavy was a well-liked celeb in the world of social media. His real name was Matima Miller and was also known as BabyFace.S on the platform of TikTok. His date of birth was 26 December 2002, and he was born in Wilmington, Delaware. Swavy had millions of fans and followers in TikTok, where he posted numerous dance and comical videos portraying his talent and humor. He also joined hands with other social media celebrities to post videos that would become viral in no time. 

Revelation Of The Sad News

Swavy’s friend and a dynamic personality in social media, Damaury Mikula, stated What Happened to Swavy in a YouTube video that the latter posted on 05 July 2021 with the title of “Rest Up Bro”. Damaury is also an Instagram and TikTok face and has performed in many videos with Swavy. In his nearing 3-minute video, Damaury said that his fellow got shot that morning. He expressed that it was an utterly shocking incident for him as all that Swavy did was create real videos. He added that he had messaged Swavy on Instagram just before the heinous instance occurred. He broke into tears and hoped that Swavy was seeing him from somewhere spreading his love and the message of Swavy’s demise to the umpteen numbers of fans. 

What Happened to Swavy

The Wilmington Police declared the death of a 19-year-old man who was found shot near the 700 block in Elbert Place, Southbridge, and breathed his last after he was taken to the hospital. The police arrived at the spot at about 10.42 am when the residents and neighbors of Southbridge informed them about the incident. On being enquired by various news agencies, the police officers neither mentioned the place of occurrence nor revealed the identity of the victim. 

After coming across the news regarding the fatal gunshot and Damaury’s video connected to What Happened to Swavy, Matima Miller’s fans pieced the two events together and flooded the social media platforms with comments on such assassination. They also wrote prayers for their beloved and deceased hero. The police are still investigating the shooting and have asked for input from any witnesses regarding the same. 


The Wilmington Police Department and the medical authorities have not confirmed the identity related to the criminal incident in Southbridge. Still, according to Damaury Mikula’s video on YouTube 

he has declared his friend’s death by a gunshot and cleared to the viewers What Happened to Swavy. We all wish May Swavy’s soul rest in peace. 

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