What Happened To Peaches Ice Age {March} Read Incident!

The following research on What Happened to Peaches Ice Age will show all the necessary details on Peaches, an ice age character.

Do you love watching cartoon 3D films? If you are a die-hard fan of such films, you must have heard about Ice Age. People in the United States and other parts of the world have showered immense love for this film.

What Happened to Peaches Ice Age? Are you familiar with the character Peaches? If not, this article will describe everything about this famous character of the Ice Age. So, please read this article till the end as it has a lot of information.

Who is Peaches?

Peaches is a Young mammoth and was born to Ellie and Manny. She lives with the herd of animals and always supports each other. She lived with his parents in an underground world where dinosaurs also lived. It is visible in the film Ice Age which was first released on March 15, 2002. People lived this character for his innocence. There is a lot more to discuss with her. So, please read the details about it ahead.

What Happened to Peaches Ice Age?

People might be waiting to know about what happened to peaches. Here you will find all the details about it. It was a teenage incident when peaches were slid away from her parents. Before they woke, peaches went to the Falls; there, she met Ethan. She was brought back by Manny. Sid’s Family drove peaches and fortunately was protected by Diego. Again, she slipped down into The Falls. After that, she then slipped on the ice and crashed into Ethan. And at that time, her mother came and embarrassed her in front of all the teenagers. Peaches became angry and left the place.

This was all about What Happened to Peaches Ice Age. She was a teenager, and when Manny embarrassed her, she was out of control, and later she was distraught by her father’s loss. 

Traits of Peaches

Peaches is a brown mammoth with green eyes and a wider face inherited from her parents. As she grew older, she got a large hump inherited from her mother. Her hair was shown differently in each series of Ice Age. 

  • In the first series of Ice Age, that is Dawn of the Dinosaur; her hair looks similar to Ellie’s. But in the Mammoth Christmas, she had a messy ponytail.
  • In Continental Drift, she had a twisted bun and long bangs on the left side. But As per our research on What Happened to Peaches Ice Age, we found that in Collision Course, she cut her bangs and pinned them to the right side.

Other characters of the Ice age

Besides Peaches, many more characters play an essential role in the film A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Manny
  • Sid
  • Diego
  • Ellie
  • Crash and Eddie
  • Granny ( Sid’s grandmother)
  • Louis ( peaches’ best friend)
  • Shira
  • Julian
  • Brooke

These are the characters that stole the hearts of many. Each played a significant role in this film. They were all excellent in their position and have gained mass popularity.


Our research on What Happened to Peaches Ice Age shows that peaches were an innocent character in the film Ice Age. She has been dumb sometimes but acted bright sometimes. If you want to know more about Peaches, please visit this link.  

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