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Do you want to know about What Happened to Erik Cowie?  Read the article to know the details of the character.

Haven’t there been so many characters in the tiger king documentary series who have become very famous? Through this particular article on one character of the tiger king documentary series, we have learned that he is no more now and people from various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, want to know its details. 

Through this particular article on What Happened to Erik Cowie, we have got to know that tiger king has returned to the platform of Netflix.

What is a tiger king?

It is a documentary series from America, and it returned in November on the platform Netflix, and it has also given tributes to one of the contributors so that people may know his contribution. Tiger King is a documentary-based series depicting zoos and sanctuaries. There has been a rivalry between zookeepers and animal rights activists, which the episodes of tiger king talk about, and there are different animal parks which the audiences can see. 

Through this particular article on What Happened to Erik Cowie, we got to know that Erik Cowie was a zookeeper, and he was working at an animal park in Oklahoma. He was able to manage the big cats which were there at the enclosure. Erik Cowieworked with exotic, and he also supported Exotic when Exotic got criticism about the ownership of the animal park. 

But when Exotic’s crimes got revealed, Erik Cowie changed his opinion. At last, he had to testify against Exotic, and he had to face the charges, and Erik Cowie also said that Exotic got some animals killed.

What Happened to Erik Cowie?

Through this particular article on one particular character of a tiger king documentary series from America, we got to know that there are some reasons which we can call the cause of death of one very important character of tiger king documentary series. The character named Erik Cowiedied and the police found his body in one particular apartment on September 3, 2021. This happened after the exotic animal park got closed and one year had already passed. 

Police also pronounced him dead on the scene, and the cause of death was chronic alcohol use. Through this particular article on What Happened to Erik Cowie, we got to know that he had struggled a lot as far as his alcohol addiction is concerned. 

And this we are able to come to know through the documentary, which first got released on March 20, 2020.  We also got to know that this particular character had different roles to play as far as the tiger king documentary series is concerned.


Alcoholism is really bad, and it could lead to the great loss of lives, as we have seen in the case of this particular character of Tiger King documentary series. Through this particular article on What Happened to Erik Cowie,  we got to know about his struggles, characters, and alcohol addiction.

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