What Happened at Cedar Point (Aug) An Interesting Story!

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What Happened at Cedar Point (Aug) An Interesting Story!  >> Are you planning your next trip with the family to enjoy someplace? Then read this article to know in detail about the location in-depth.

Are you browsing the internet for your family’s next amusement park destination? Or Are you confused about making a safe choice for your next getaway? Then look no further, as we explain in detail about the recent mishap in Cedar Point. 

Cedar Point is an entertainment venue in Ohio. It is the 2nd operational amusement park in the United States. Recently, a minor accident brought the Park into the limelight. Read more to find out What Happened at Cedar Point.

What is Cedar Point?

In 1870, Cedar Point is the amusement chain’s centrepiece but is managed and run by Cedar Fair. The Park includes 71 rides, within which there are 17 roller coasters, and stands second to Six Flags for the most number of rides. The regular operational period at Cedar Point extends between the earliest May through Labour Day here in September. 

The attraction now only operates during weekends until around the conclusion of October or early November for their Halloween-themed event called HalloWeekends. The Park includes a beach and an outdoor and indoor water park, namely Cedar Point Shores and Castaway Bay. Before getting to know What Happened at Cedar Point, it is essential to mention that this United States amusement park has a sports complex, Cedar Point Sports Center, and many resorts situated beside it for visitors to use. 

Behind Cedar Point

It all started in 1860, during the American Civil War. A german man Louis Zistel started charging 25 cents for convicts to take his boat called Young Reindeer to jail on Cedar Point. 

Slowly other residents started building bathing houses and offering boat services. The peninsula’s prominence caught the eye of Benjamin F. Dwelle and Captain William Slackford. They improved the amenities for its tourists every year, adding picnic areas, clearing fields of the bush, and constructing a baseball field. What Happened at Cedar Point after that has become history.

Milestones and Achievements

In 2020, the organization planned to include a new ride named Snake River Expedition to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the launch was delayed into 2021. 

There are many ranges of rides, from low, mild, moderate, high, and aggressive. All these have contributed to maintaining Cedar Point’s reputation as Best Amusement Park in the World for 16 straight years. Other awards include- Cleanest Park, Friendliest Staff, and best souvenirs, shows, etc. The amusement park also regulates six resorts that are situated on the ground. Cedar Point also houses many historically significant buildings on its premises.

What Happened at Cedar Point

The incident occurred around 4:30 p.m., according to a representative for the entertainment park. The passenger had been in the queue for the Top Thrill Dragster rollercoaster ride when a little piece of metal dropped out of a train as the ride was about to end its course. Although the severity of the victim’s wounds is not known, Cedar Point confirmed that the fire department aided her, and the fire department immediately escorted her to the hospital. The rollercoaster will stay stopped till a safety & security inspection is concluded. The amusement park spokesperson effused to comment further as they said that their attention is now on the visitor and her relatives’ wellbeing only. 


Looking at What Happened at Cedar Point, we decided to look into the history of Cedar Point. We couldn’t find any grave number of mishaps or accidents. Visitors need not worry about their safety and wellbeing as the Park is known to be very responsive to such cases and are already handling this case very sensitively and effectively. 

Have you visited Cedar point? Let us know of your experience in the comments below.

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