What Does Sustain The Objection {May} Explore Meaning!

This post on What Does Sustain the Objection will guide you on the meaning of Objection sustained mean.

Have you heard a judge saying Objection sustained in a live session, film, etc.? We all have seen many films where this phrase is heard a number of times. The term is trending due to a case, and people from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada want to know What Does Sustain the Objection means? 

This post will explain to you the meaning of this phrase in detail. So, kindly go through this write-up to know what this term exactly means. Let us begin exploring this term.

Why do people want to know about this phrase? 

‘Objection Sustained’ is the most common term in the courtroom. You might have heard a judge saying this or ‘Objection Overruled’. If the judge has sustained the order, the judge has agreed to the Objection raised by the opponent and disallows the evidence or testimony. This phrase is being asked after the Depp and Heard case. What makes this term popular? Kindly read ahead.

What Does It Mean to Sustain an Objection in the Depp Vs Heard case?

We all know that, generally, there are two parties who fight against each other in the courtroom. Two different lawyers supporting different teams may put thoughts. In any case, any lawyer who thinks that his opposition has violated the rule during the trial may say ‘objection’ to the judge. 

In Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial, Depp chucked when Heard’s lawyer objected to the hearsay. A clip from the courtroom had gone viral when Rottenborn, Heard’s lawyer, was seen objecting to his own questioning. His Objection was sustained, and everyone laughed at the moment. Thus, people ask What Does Sustain the Objection means. 

The rules of testimony

Rules of testimony may or may not be examined by the jury. These rules of evidence are based on certain principles that one must take care of.

  • Only those facts should be presented which are witnessed personally. These should be based on true events. 
  • All the witnesses should be examined properly. Cross-examining the witnesses is an important factor in the courtroom. Before presenting the witness, examine all the necessary details properly.
  • Documents presented in the courtroom must be authentic. They should be verified and must be original.

Is Objection overruled and Objection sustained the same?

We have informed details of What Does Sustain the Objection means, but sometimes you have heard the phrase objection overruled. This means the evidence is shown and presented properly in the courtroom. And the trial can proceed further. It is different from Objection sustained.


Summing up this post, we have informed the readers of Johnny Depp and Heawrd’s case and what made everyone chuckle during the trial. Also, you will learn about the exact meaning of this phrase here in this post. Please check this link to know more updates on hearsay on Heard and Depp’s case.

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