What Does Super G Mean in Skiing {Feb} Know with Rules!

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Are you fond of snow sports? Do you have an interest in ice skiing or ice skating? Do you know that there are some disciplines of alpine skiing? The answer to this is YES.

Discipline named Super G or Super Giant Slalom. People residing in the United States, and Canada are curious to know more about the Super G in skiing.

So, here in this article, we will deliver one-stop and reliable details about What Does Super G Mean in Skiing.

What is Super G?

Super G is all about “speeding”; its course consists of a vast gating settlement that all the racers should pass through.

The Super Giant Slalom debuted as a “World Cup” event in 1983. It comprises downhill speeding that a skier should be familiar with. Later in 1987, Super G got added to “World Championships,” and in 1988, it got added to the “Winter Olympics”.

The Super G course:

When calculated vertically, the Super G drop is 350-650 meters for men. It is 350-600 meters; for children, the distance is 250-450 meters.

What Does Super G Mean in Skiing

Alpine skiing has two kinds of disciplines that are mentioned below:

  • Slalom- It is one of the shortest courses offered by alpine skiing, with many turns and gates. Skiers, while skiing, had to navigate from one gate to the next one.

If the skier loses a gate or turn, there could be a penalty. There have to be two runs in the slalom course.

  • Giant Slalom- As the name suggests, it is a long slalom course and the gates are also kept at a distance. Just like others, it is a two-run event.

After knowing the answer for What Does Super G Mean in Skiing, scroll down to read the rules of Super G.

Rules of Super G

  • Downhill- The event deals only with speed; all a skier needs to do is get down the course in the shortest possible time. Gates are located on the outskirts and serve as markers to navigate the route. 
  • Mixed Team– This was started in 2018; a team of skiers went down on the slalom courses. These matches are men vs. men or women vs. women. Teams are knocked out until the medals are decided.
  • Alpine Combined- Alpine skiing is the root of finding What Does Super G Mean in Skiing. Skiers have to complete one downhill run and one slalom runs in a single day in this process. 

Super G has gained loads of following in the United States, and Canada; all forms of skiing are being appreciated by the western people.


After going through the discussion, we concluded that Super G is not easy. Skiers need all the necessary potential to maintain a fantastic speed with time frames.

The different forms of Super Giant Slalom have also made everyone keen to know the new rules and the game.

Which form of Super G are you fascinated about? Which skier is your favorite? We are eager to know more about; What Does Super G Mean in Skiing, your views in the comment section below.

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