What Does Objection Hearsay {April} Discover Its Meaning

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The post articulates details about What Does Objection Hearsay. Visit the full page to know the meaning and objective of objection hearsay.

What do you mean by Hearsay? Johnny Depp’s defamation trial was streamed live on different platforms like YouTube. People Worldwide were observing the trial. Heard’s lawyer asked a question from Depp’s house manager. As the manager started answering, Heard’s lawyer interrupted, saying, “Objection Hearsay”. Many people were not aware of the term hearsay. 

So here, we will explain the meaning of Objection Hearsay in simple words. Let’s know What Does Objection Hearsay.

What is Hearsay? 

In simple terms, hearsay can be defined as the testimony that people narrate in the court, which consists of another person who is not present in the court. If the hearsay is objected, the judge stops the witness from presenting the statement.

For example, Jack is asked a question about a situation he participated in, and he answers it as “Sia told him that the shopkeeper offered a bribe”. When he says ‘Sia told me,’ then the attorney knows that Sia isn’t present in the court to testify during the trial, then the lawyer can say objection that is hearsay.

What Does Objection Hearsay Mean in Court?

During Monday’s defamation trial session, Johnny Depp’s house manager, Ben King, testified in court. Heard’s lawyer Mr. Rottenborn was questioning Ben King about an incident in 2015. In 2015, Depp’s finger was slashed partially, and he claimed that Heard threw 2 vodka bottles at him. Whereas according to Mr. Rottenborn, Depp wounded his finger himself.

In this incident, Mr. Rottenborn questioned Ben King, ‘didn’t he know what caused damage to Johnny’s finger while he was present on 8 March, correct’? As Mr. Ben started his answer, Mr. Rottenborn interrupted and said, “objection hearsay”. This left viewers thinking, What Does Objection Hearsay

Judge Penney Azcarate responded, saying that ” but you were questioning”. Mr. Depp and his lawyer burst into laughter. 

More about hearsay

In legal terms, hearsay can be defined as proof provided by a witness consisting of details of something stated by another person instead of a  statement that the witness has experienced and seen himself. In the case of hearsay, the judge has to stop the witness from narrating the situation.

Objection Hearsay is the term used recently by actress Amber Heard’s lawyer during a trial. As per What Does Objection Hearsay, Depp’s trial streamed live, and millions of people were watching it and commenting on the basis of their observations. Some people were unable to understand the term. 


In this article, the hearsay term is explained in simple wordings. People who find it difficult to understand its meaning can know it’s here. The term was used by Heard’s lawyer and later created humour in the courtroom. The trial was streaming  live and seen by numerous people around the world. Visit this link to learn more about hearsay

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