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Gaming Tips What Does Compass Recovery Do

Read detailed facts about What Does Compass Recovery Do in the Minecraft game, where to find and how to activate the recovery compass.

Did you know about new stands available in Minecraft? Are you aware of the new 1.19v update released on 7th-June-2022 for the Bedrock edition, popularly known as The Wild Update in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom? The update is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, macOS, and Linux. 

So, what are you waiting for? Install the update and check about What Does Compass Recovery Do in the below write-up.

About Recovery Compass:

The Recovery Compass is a new gadget in the latest update of Minecraft. Recovery Compass will help finding your old loot location where you can recollect looted items scattered when you died last time! It is considered an important gadget in case the player tends to die many times in the game (or) in case the player dies at an unusual location. 

How to Activate It?

The Recovery Compass gets activated offhand; while holding, and while on the Hotbar. The player needs to hold the Recovery Compass to find What Does a Recovery Compass Do in Minecraft, and its needle will point towards the direction the player had last died. The player needs to follow the pointer to reach the location.

There are certain conditions that need to be satisfied first. For instance:

  1. The player needs to be in the same dimension where he had previously died, 
  2. If the compass spins continuously, it means the player is in a different dimension, 
  3. If the player dies on his quest to find the last location, the compass will point towards his current location of reincarnation,
  4. The only mode to access the Recovery Compass is in the snapshots area.

Enchantments To Experience What Does Compass Recovery Do:

There is only one enchantment for the recovery compass, known as the ‘Curse Of Vanishing.’ This enchantment is standard for most items but becomes incongruous while applying it to a recovery compass.

Finding Recovery Compass:

The player needs to travel to the Ancient City to get Echo Shard, found in a chest. The Ancient City is a new area in a deep dark Biome. There are several unique blocks in the Biome, including Skull Catalyst, Skull Shrieked, Skull Sensor, and the Skulk Vein.

The only crafting recipe for generating the Recovery Compass and finding out What Does Compass Recovery Do is the ‘Compass In The Eight Echo Shard.’ There is a 29.8% probability of finding one (or) three echo shards. 

Recovery Compass finds the last location where the player died. It is the primary aim of the Recovery Compass.


In the middle of the Ancient City with Wool Blocks and Deep Slate, a Chest with Echo Shard is hidden. A warden of the ancient city with 500 health points starts attacking the player by sensing smell and sound. Skull Shrieked triggered three times will create vibration/sound. It won’t be easy to get the Recovery compass.

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