What Did Elizabeth Holmes Do {Jan} Find Prison Detail!

The grand jury has found her guilty of fraud. Read to find out What Did Elizabeth Holmes Do and why she is punished.  

Elizabeth Holmes is guilty of defrauding investors. A jury has found her guilty on four counts. The verdict has become a highly discussed thing in Canada and the United States. She has been held liable for fraud and conspiracy. With the verdict, the question as to What Did Elizabeth Holmes Do becomes highly relevant. The jury deliberated on the verdict for over fifty days. In this article, we will talk about the deliberations and facts of the case. 

Who is Elizabeth Holmes?

Elizabeth Holmes founded Theranos, a health-tech company that sought to revolutionize the blood testing mechanics. The company developed novel methods for these tests. Holmes was declared the wealthiest self-made female billionaire in the United States. All this was not to run forever as she was indicted for fraud, among other charges, by an American court. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged her for fraud. 

What Did Elizabeth Holmes Do becomes clear as she allegedly, at that time, deceived the investors about the accuracy of the blood testing technology used by Theranos. She had settled that case, only to be indicted by a federal grand jury in June that year. The trial began in the mid of 2021. Now, almost seven months later, she is found guilty and sentenced to twenty years in prison, apart from restitution fees and compensation. 

The Shenanigans of Elizabeth Holmes

Holmes dated Balwani while she was in Theranos. After the company collapsed, she started dating Billy Evans. Her career trajectory seems to be built on this deceit that encapsulates What Did Elizabeth Holmes Do. A book titled ‘Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup’ authored by John Carreyou depicted her career, the indictment and the fallout. HBO has also made a documentary for this purpose. 

The documentary shows how the whole company was built on falsehood and how the promises made by Elizabeth Holmes came out to be total lies. Overnight, she was known to be a scammer, a fraud who must not go unpunished. While she was at the peak of her career, she influenced popular culture and reportedly intoxicated the environment for other female entrepreneurs to grow. 

What Did Elizabeth Holmes Do? The Sentencing and Prison

Elizabeth Holmes is found guilty of fraud and conspiracy. In a unanimous verdict, the jury sentenced her to prison for twenty years. The date for sentencing is not yet set. She can be required to spend less time in prison. With this, an uneven chapter of Holmes’s life and Theranos ends. 


The case of Elizabeth Holmes has been one of the major cases in recent American legal memory. Though her sentencing is yet to be decided, she is charged for an offense providing maximum punishment of twenty years. What did Elizabeth Holmes Do was now answered by the court, and how it should be punished is decided by the grand jury. To know more, see Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty of Four Charges of Fraud  

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