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This post discussed What Are the Different Types of Paint Rollers available in the market and how to use them.

Are you looking to paint your home? Do you want to know about all the paint rollers available in the market? If you answered yes, then this post will be beneficial to you.

There are many people worldwide, especially in the United States who try to paint their walls by themselves. To assist those individuals, we will discuss What Are the Different Types of Paint Rollers available on the market right now.

What are Paint Rollers?

A paint roller is a paint application equipment used to efficiently and quickly paint broad flat surfaces. A paint roller is made up of two parts: the roller frame and the roller cover. The roller frame is attached to the roller cover, absorbing the paint and transmitting it to the painted surface. 

The painter uses the handle part of the paint roller for painting. The roller frame can be reused. Although a roller cover may be cleaned and reused, it is usually discarded after usage. Let’s learn how to use paint rollers before knowing about What Are the Different Types of Paint Rollers available. 

How to use Paint Rollers?

  • Before using a fresh roller sleeve, you must de-fuzz it by washing it in water.
  • Assemble the roller and the frame.
  • Fill the reservoir at the base of the roller tray with paint. 
  • The paint must cover only around half of the roller when softly dipping it into the paint.
  • Next, roll it back and forth on the tray’s ramp to properly spread the paint on the rollers cover.
  • Then roll the paint color onto the surface of the wall which is to be painted. Then use strokes to fill up the gaps.

Before learning about What Are the Different Types of Paint Rollers available, here are some tips to follow while using a paint roller

  • After you’ve finished painting the wall area, lay off with long, parallel strokes to level the surface. Because laying-off must be completed before the paint has begun to dry, working in portions is preferable.
  • Avoid leaving paint on the roller cover out in the open for more than a few minutes. Whenever you take a little break, put it in plastic wrap as well as make sure to wash it well afterwards. 
  • A gentle touch is required when rolling. Allow the paint to do the work, regardless of the roller cover you’re using. 

What Are the Different Types of Paint Rollers?

Paint rollers come in natural or synthetic fibre. Choosing the right coverings will make a difference. Also, consider the hair length on the rollers, as more coarse surfaces need more lengthy rollers. Here are some major types of paint rollers:

  • Smooth Foam Roller Sleeves
  • Long Haired Mohair Roller Sleeves
  • Synthetic Fibre Foller Sleeves
  • Shorter Haired Mohair Roller Sleeves
  • Lambs Wool Roller Sleeve


When using paint rollers to paint a wall, choosing the right one is crucial. It is necessary to ensure that the size, material, and length of the roller’s hair are appropriate for the painted surface. For more information, see the DIY Doctors Guide.

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