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This article provides insight on the confusion of the word placement of Westy Wordle with the right answer and provides the correct answers of the puzzles.

Have you tried to get the right answer in today’s wordle and quordle game? Do you want to know the right answer before your attempts finish, and you lose your game? There are many other similar games in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, India, and New Zealand like wordle. 

In this article, we will put some light on the answers of Wordle and Quordle and clear the doubt regarding Westy Wordle. So, start reading to know the answer before your time runs out. 

Is Westy a wordle answer?

You must be thinking that ‘Is westy actually a word in the dictionary or just a made-up word?’ well, it’s an actual word used as an adjective for dizzy, giddy, or confused. Some dialectal words can be used in a few sentences but require great wordplay to put them in normal conversation. 

You can find examples of using the Westy word on the internet, but now the question that arises is whether it is the Wordle answer. Let’s find out.

Is Westy game wordle’s answer?

Through the research, we have seen that today’s wordle answer is identical to Westy as it got almost the same letters but only a letter difference. Well, it’s time to disclose the answer to today’s wordle game, i.e., Zesty. 

Zesty sounds similar to Westy, and that’s why many users get confused between them and lose their attempts. Although the words sound similar, their meaning is different from one another. You can get the proper explanation regarding the word Zesty on the internet and its use in the sentence as it is always better to learn about new words. It gives a good impression while using these kinds of words.

Quordle answer related to Westy Wordle

As we have discussed earlier, there are many variants of the Wordle game launched after the game got a tremendous response from the users. One of them is Quordle which follows the same rule but comes with different features and gameplay. 

The players have to guess four words in limited attempts to keep scoring in the game. If any guesses go wrong, the player loses its winning streak. Now, by looking at different hints and articles regarding Quordle, it is clear that Westy isn’t the answer to today’s Quordle game, and any of the answers don’t relate to it. 

What is the answer to today’s Quordle game?

We know that the Westy game is not the answer to the wordle and quordle games, which is a disappointment for every user of these games. However, it’s time to find out about the answer to today’s quordle game as the answer of wordle is already mentioned in the above section. 

So, here are the answers to the Quordle game of 28th April 2022:

  • Foyer
  • Prone
  • Stern
  • Sheen

Wrapping it up

Now, the reader cleared their doubt regarding the confusion of similar words, i.e., Westy and Zesty; they can help their friends to avoid losing any attempt in Westy Wordle. As the chances are limited, it’s better to use them carefully in the quordle and Wordle game.

What’s your highest winning streak in Wordle and Quordle game? Share your answer with us in the comment section.

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