Westjet Flights to Space {April} Find out Is This Joke

The article has provided a clearer picture of Westjet Flights to Space initiative, as well as some speculation.

Do you ever see ordinary people doing reels in space flight? Want to be pranked on april’s fool day?

This Canada based Aircraft Company, announced that it would fly people to space in 32 days from Toronto to Mars, Pluto, and Saturn using its new Boeing 787-9,000X.

Here is the news article dealing with the credibility of Westjet Flights to Space.

Information on Westjet space flights

On April 1, 2022, Westjet announced its human space flight trip plans on social media. It has designed an exclusive WestJet-X spacecraft for passenger comfort and safety. Here the X denotes space. 

WestJet strongly believes that human space flights are not just for billionaires or astronauts, so they have reduced the flight fares by 50 percent compared with their other competitor’s fares. They have set a low range of price $500,000 per person. 

But, everything is a just an April fool’s day joke. Read more to find out. 

Why Westjet Flights to Space are trending?

Ever since Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Musk’s SpaceX, and Bezos’ Blue Origin started their space journeys, it has created a strong belief that even ordinary people can go to space, so touching the sky is made possible by these company flights. 

So even people were interested in this type of human journey to spaces by spending lots of money. 

And Amazon company founder Bezos’s space journey triggered people’s interest. So, the thought of the human space journey was planted in people. Now it has become an aviation trendsetter in the social medium.

Availability of amenities

Westjet Flights to Space plans to provide several amenities to people on their fruitful space journey. They have some galaxy-themed trips at an affordable cost and specially designed aisles for travelling. And quoted the one-way tickets for the space journey.

They have extended their amenities by offering a wide range of snack varieties and soft drinks during the entire space journey. 

The spacecraft is equipped with wi-fi services and in-flight entertainment services featuring Planet of the Apes movie.

Also, arranged for lodging facilities for travelers before boarding space flights with all-inclusive economic and affordable lodging packages.

Speculations on the announcement of a space flight

As Westjet Flights to Space announced this on April fool’s Day, it makes us verify its credibility. Let us analyze why this is a joke?

They claimed to be on their way to Saturn, Pluto, or even another galaxy, for starters. But can a regular Boeing flight to another galaxy, separated by millions of AU, be operated? 

The most important thing is that they quoted the amount for a one-way ticket but remained silent for the two-way journey; every journey has to be up and down, so this one-way ticket increases our speculations on their announcement. 


Some people thought this Westjet Flights to Space was a useful one; some are not because this initiative doesn’t provide complete details like people’s training sessions, eligibility, etc. 

It does seem like a regular flight booking. It would be nice if WestJet addressed these issues. For further information,

Do you feel thrilled about this space journey? Let us know in the comment sections.

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