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Searching for another spin-off of Wordle, The Weedle Game? Go ahead with the details given below.

Do you get excited each day with a new wordle question? Do you want to play this game an unlimited number of times a day? If your answer is YES, go ahead with the details given below to get the answer.

Today, we will be talking about a game called Weedle, which may help you to get Wordle like excitement for an unlimited number of times. In fact, people in the United States, Canada are searching about the Weedle Game. If you are also one of them, you can follow the details to get the answer to your research.

News about the Game

The Weedle game is new to the arena of games like Wordle. This new game has been trending for some days now. The people want to get information about the game, including where and how to play it, how the game is different from Wordle, etc. 

This new game is also one spin-off of the wordle game. In fact, it is also a word guessing game. But, first, let us follow the game details as given below. 

Weedle Wordle Game

Weedle is a five-letter word guessing game where you are presented with six chances to guess the mysterious word correctly. You can play the game on a PC, mobile, laptop, and it does not require you to download an app to play the game. The game is created and hosted by the Exhale Dispensary, as shown on the official website.

Though the game is similar to Wordle but there are still differences like you get only one wordle puzzle a day, while you get an unlimited number of Weedle puzzles a day. 

How to Play the Weedle Wordle Game

  • First, go to the official website of the game
  • You can see six, five empty letterboxes.
  • Second, choose the letter from the given Silhouette, and choose a random five-letter word.
  • If you get a green colour tile for any letter, then the letter is in the correct place.
  • If you get yellow colour for a tile, then the letter is correct but not in the right place.
  • If you get a grey colour tile for a letter, then the letter is an incorrect one.

Besides this, we also get some other searches for the Weedle Game on the internet, and these are:

Weedle: A Pokémon character, which is a bug/ poison type Pokémon and develops into kakuna. The character is available in the Pokémon game and its different versions.

Wheeldle: A game similar to Wordle; in fact, this game is more similar to Weedle we have described above. However, Wheeldle and Weedle are altogether different games as per our research.

The Final Verdict

The game is relatively new, and this is why we could not get social media reviews for the game as seen for other Wordle-like games. However, you can make the Weedle Game popular by sharing your score and views on social media.

To get further information about the game, you can visit the official website.

Please comment below to share your views.

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