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This post on Weddle Nfl Game will guide the readers on the invention and the gameplay of the very famous game, Weddle.

Are you bored at home? Why don’t you try Weddle NFL? Now, most of you might be thinking about this Weddle NFL. So, let us clarify that this is the NFL-based word game and is played all around the globe in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. So, everyone is busy solving this Weddle Nfl Game

This post will guide all the users about the game. So, kindly read these details.

Why was Weddle invented?

Weddle is like the popular word game, Wordle, in which you have to guess the names of the football players. Two die-hard fans of Eric Weddle have invented this game to pay tribute to their idol, Eric, and whatever he has done to the Los Angeles Rams and for not taking retirement from the NFL. The main reason to keep the name Weddle is that Eric needs recognition and the word Weddle sounds like Wordle. 

About Weddle Nfl Wordle

You are partially correct if you think that Weddle and Wordle are the same games. These two games share similar gameplay but are not the same. Both are guessing games and require a lot of mental effort. In Wordle, the players get six chances to guess any random word. You will get hints by color changing indicators. But in Weddle, you have to guess the names of NFL players. You will be given different columns to fill in age, weight, and height. They will indicate to you by showing whether the figures are close or not to that figure. Hence, they both are not similar games.

The gameplay of Weddle Nfl Game

Weddle is an effortless but mindful game. First, you must know about the features and physical characteristics of all the NFL players, and you will be able to solve the game. Here, we are mentioning some rules to play the Weddle:

  • The players will get eight attempts to guess the name. It will not be any name from history. But, the latest players of the NFL.
  • You will be given three columns to fill figures for the respective player’s height, weight, and age.
  • The game will indicate changing the box’s color to yellow, green, etc.
  • If the guessed figures in the Weddle Nfl Game are within the 2 figures more or less, the game will indicate you. 
  • Once you are done, you can share your score on social media or with your friends and family members.


Summing up, we learned a lot about the Weddle game. First, you will know about the invention of the Weddle game. Also, our team has provided you with all the details regarding the gameplay and if it is similar to Wordle. Finally, you can use these steps to complete your game. Please refer to this link to play the Weddle Game.

Would you like to spare some time to give your suggestions on the Weddle Nfl Game? Please comment below. 

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