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This article is about the Webroot Scam. Here we will talk about why people are annoyed with the webroot application and its scam.

Do you use security software and antivirus software like Webroot? Webroot is an antivirus that protects your computer and mobiles from viruses and external sources entering your system and corrupt files. Why are people irritated after installing webroot antivirus?

There are many complaints from the United States that this antivirus software is a scam, and they are sharing their feedback and comments online on the website comment box and some community pages. We should take a look at the reviews to prove Webroot Scam.

About Webroot

The webroot application is an antivirus software which people use to protect their computers and mobile phones from getting corrupted files or bugs in the system. However, recently people are facing lots of problems with the webroot application.

Some people find that the subscription package of Webroot is trying to scam them and charge extra money for the upgrade of the monthly pack. In another case, if anyone wants to delete the program, you cannot uninstall the application. There will always be few traces remaining of the Webroot, so people are unsatisfied and complaining that this application is a scam. 

Webroot Subscription

Victims are sharing the invoice message in the comment section of the Webroot mentioning their problems. They claim that the application is providing a wrong helpline number. They require credit card information to get a refund. After taking a subscription, you won’t get premium access and will get a notification that your transaction has a problem. You can get your refund back within four days.

Many people become victims of this scam. The company says that this happened due to the server issue. We will try to contact you as soon as possible, but there has been no response.

Webroot Mobile Security

You can also download the webroot security system on your mobile from the Play Store or the Apple Store. In addition, the application’s rating in the Play Store is only two stars. Multiple reviews with only one rating share that this application is useless and not worth downloading.

Although the webroot application has a 76 % of trust score, it is all useless. It is because they do not have satisfied customers to provide their service with genuine feedback about Webroot Scam. Therefore it appears that Webroot is not worth installing. However, you can look for better mobile and computer options like McAfee and Quick Heal.


There are lots of complaints regarding the webroot antivirus software. People face big-time trouble after the software installation and couldn’t even uninstall it. Also, Webroot can scam you through the subscription scheme by asking for your personal and bank details like debit card number.

Which antivirus software do you use on your computer or mobile? Write down your answer in the comment section. To read customer opinions about Webroot Scam, open this link to read more on Webroot

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