Webb City Suicide: Why Webb City High School in News? Was There any Student’s Death in School?

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Webb City Suicide: Why Webb City High School in News? Was There any Student’s Death in School?

Did you hear about a Webb City kid who killed himself by hanging? What made a fourteen-year-old commit suicide? These cases are sensitive as kids are introduced to such crimes early. People from different countries, like the United States, heard about this case and got shocked by hearing about a suicidal case of a kid.

Some people suspect the case to be a murder. So let’s know about Webb City Suicide.

Webb City Child suicide

As per various sources, a 14-year-old child from Webb City took his life by hanging. The child was Trenton Sean Burnett, who was found dead by his family members in his home at Carterville. The Jasper Sheriff’s Department county investigated the case. Coroner Rob Chappel found that the child’s death was a suicide.

The case happened on 28 February 2019. The Webb City school district posted a statement on its Facebook account page that they are in deep sorrow after knowing of one of Webb City students’ demise. Their hearts and thoughts are with the family and friends of the student in this difficult time.

Webb City High School

The child took his life at the age of fourteen years. The matter was investigated after the family found Trenton dead in his room. The reason behind his death is not found yet. He was a student of one of the Webb City schools. The school paid condolence to Trenton’s family on Facebook.

The family was devastated by the loss of their son. Suicide among high school students has become common, but that should not be ignored. Families are losing their children of whatever age group. Children of Trenton’s age group usually go through bullying, teasing, manipulations, and harassment that make them do such things.

Webb City Student Death

The Web City student, Trenton Sean, was at a young age. He was found dead in the early morning of February. The sheriff’s county department investigated the case and found the student took his life by himself. He hung himself and passed away. It is difficult for his family to recover from the sadness of losing a young child.

Unfortunately, we could not find any details regarding the reason behind suicide. It’s been more than three years since the child committed suicide, but his family and friends can not forget his memories. The investigation was done, but much information was not revealed about the case. According to Webb City Suicide, corner Rob chapper investigated the case and found that the child committed suicide.

Note – All the information is taken is online sources. We have just presented it.


The article is about the death of a fourteen-year-old child. He took his precious life himself. We could not find details about the reason for his death. The child was found dead in his room, discovered by the family early morning in February 2019. You can visit this link to know more about suicide.  

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