Wdmws Reviews {Sep 2022} Is This A Scam Website Or Real?

Do you want to attain the honest threads on Wdmws Reviews? Here is the summary of this online shop.

Have you been querying about the authenticity of Wdmws.com? Are you waiting to see the comments achieved by this online shop? 

Nowadays, millions of shoppers prefer purchasing items from various e-commerce websites. But unfortunately, scammers from the United States evolved to use websites to snatch buyers’ money. So, if you want to cluster the crucial hints of Wdmws.com, we suggest you carefully learn this Wdmws Reviews article. 

About This Shopping Website

Upon peeling Wdmws.com, we detected the website declaring that it was constructed in 2018 with a mission to sell premium sneakers. But, when we investigated the portal, we saw it auctioning items like masks, T-shirts, socks, women’s casual dresses, etc. Besides, Wdmws.com further explained that they are devoted to supplying items within the required time frame, without consuming an extended period. 

Also, from the About Us page, we learned the portal ensures that the staffs treat every shopper with utmost caution and respect. So, let us rapidly read the following passage to know this portal more meticulously.

Declaring Specifications To Encounter Is Wdmws Legit?

  • Our interpretation retained that the portal’s URL is https://www.wdmws.com.
  • The website announced informing buyers’ about the refund status through email. 
  • We saw no telephone number strings anywhere on this shopping portal. 
  • This online shop mentioned the shipping time is 7 to 9 working days. 
  • The scrutiny detected the newsletter option on this website.
  • Wdmws.com allows payments through credit cards and PayPal. 
  • The shopper must return the product with the original packaging or choose any suitable packing alternative to be eligible. 
  • Unfortunately, this online shop has no social icons. 
  • From the website, we got the email address SALES@FAMILYCUSTOMER.COM. 
  • The Wdmws Reviews research exposed that Wdmws.com is just 7 days old and was digitally launched on 22-08-2022.
  • Our analysis detected no fine points in the exchange policy. 
  • We discovered the portal listing different products, including T-shirts, shoes, dresses, masks, etc. 
  • The research declared no suitable delivery timing schedule on the website. 
  • We noted the address is 320 W Kimberly Rd, Davenport, IA 52806, USA.

Advantages Discovered 

  • The inquiry noted the newsletter option presence.
  • This website claimed to run a reward program and to provide many offers. 
  • We observed the availability of the mailing address. 
  • Our scrutiny detected the address details. 

Shortcomings Noticed 

  • The Wdmws Reviews saw no details on the phone number, creating suspicion
  • We exposed no availability of social icons.
  • Our research on Trustpilot observed no comments.

Is Wdmws.com Deceptive?

  • Domain Freezing Date– Our survey highlighted that this shop is active until 22-08-2023. 
  • Trust Score– The unreliable 1% score reflects the dubious nature. 
  • Rebates Legitimacy– We discovered that the offers presented seem too cheap, a usual trademark of scammer websites, preventing us from trusting this portal. 
  • Trust Rank– The analysis invented that this website holds a 14.5/100 Trust Rank score. 
  • Customers’ Opinions– During the analysis, we noted no genuine reviews on Trustpilot, germinating a question- Is Wdmws Legit? In addition, this online shop has no dedicated Facebook page that would attract customers. 
  • Alexa Rank– The scrutiny addresses that Wdmws.com earned a 4347824 Alexa Rank. 
  • Bulk- Buying Option– We researched the portal and discovered this option. 
  • Plagiarization– Almost all the details displayed on the website are duplicated content like other problematic shopping platforms. 
  • Policies Details– We finalize that the essential details of some policies, including the delivery and exchange policy, are missing on the site. 
  • Location Originality– Upon surveying the declared address, we got no business identical to Wdmws.com running even at the nearby location. 
  • Social Media Connections– The Wdmws Reviews research expressed that the icons are lacking. 
  • Website Age– We disclosed the portal’s inauguration date is 22-08-2022, implying that it is 7 days old. 

Genuine Customers’ Feedback

Our in-depth overview on Trustpilot and Internet determined no shoppers’ reports on Wdmws.com, thus acting as a negative point. Moreover, the absence of social icons and a legit Facebook page blocked us from faith in this online shop. Furthermore, Wdmws.com has many faults we found during the investigation. So, you must wait until some comments arrive for this shop to decide to buy from it. Attain more important strings on credit card scams here

The Final Words

This post on Wdmws Reviews probed the site and noticed it as questionable because of many loopholes, including the recent domain age, low trust rank and score. You can learn further about PayPal tricks here. Grab essential information on socks here

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