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The guide shares details to help readers know Was Guy Lafleur a Smoker and how he died.

Do you know Montreal Canadians Icon Guy Lafleur passed away at 70? Many fans suspected that his smoking habit caused lung cancer, and he died because of cancer. He was a chain smoker and suffered from health issues, including lung cancer. 

He died on 22nd April 2022 at the age of 70. However, it is not confirmed how he died. All his fans in the United States and Canada now want to know the reason for his death.

Since he was a smoker, many fans suspect that he died because of lung cancer. Was Guy Lafleur a Smoker?

Did Guy Lafleur Die Because of Smoking?

Guy Lafleur was a professional Ice Hockey player and the first player to score 50 goals in 6 straight seasons in NHL history. He is globally acclaimed for his record of scoring 50 goals and hundred points in six consistent seasons. 

On 22nd April 2022, the NHL icon passed away at 70, and his fans suspected that his smoking habit was the cause of his death. He had lung cancer earlier and underwent multiple surgeries. He was suffering from health conditions, and finally, he breathed last on 22nd April 2022. 

His colleague Mike Bossy also passed away last week on 15th April, and hence people asked Was Mike Bossy a Smoker.

Guy Lafleur Lung Cancer and Health Update in 2022

 Guy Lafleur has been undergoing cancer treatment therapy since Sept 2019, after a malignant white spot was discovered in his lungs. In Oct 2020, he underwent two surgeries to remove the upper lobe and lymph nodes. However, the cancerous cells reappeared, urging Guy to restore the cancer treatment. 

He was a heavy smoker, and the cause of his lung cancer was smoking. So, many fans suspected that the athlete died because of his smoking habit. 

Was Guy Lafleur a Smoker – How Did He Die?

The legendary NHL player Guy Lafleur died at 70. In the later years, he suffered from health issues, as per sources. He underwent bypass heart surgery late in September 2019 and two lung surgeries in October 2020. Later he was diagnosed with lung cancer. 

The canadiens president, Geoff Molson, confirmed in his statement that the cause of death might be cancer. However, it is not confirmed from any other sources, and hence it is not clear why he died. 

A couple of days ago, another player died because of smoking, and his fans were seen asking Was Mike Bossy a Smoker. So, after reading the death news of Mike Bossy, all his fans started wondering if Guy Lafleur died because of lung cancer caused by smoking. 


After being diagnosed with lung cancer, Guy quit smoking in Sept 2020. However, he was suffering from health issues in his later years. Many of his fans suspected that he died because of his chain-smoking habit.

Smoking caused lung cancer, and people suspect he died because of his smoking habits. The NHL Canadiens President, Geoff Molson, confirmed in his statement that because of lung cancer Guy Lafleur died. 

What is your opinion? Was Guy Lafleur a Smoker? Please share it in the comment section.   

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